Tuesday, April 14, 2009

shopping day - alamanda

Introducing: my 2 new wrist friends! :D:D:D
this was bought last friday

this one arrived just yesterday! thanks to shevin who dropped by cyber before leaving to china :) *hopefully there are more goodies from china! :P*

Random: I woke up today and thought, "I should go alamanda today because I need spank pants" (no, they are not pants you wear when you're about to get spanked..) So i text Atticca to ajak her out to see if she needs anything for prom (which is 2 weeks away!) And then we asked Shea and hohoho a girls outing it is! Yay :) So we headed to Alamanda Putrajaya.

Oh btw spank pants are pants you wear to give u a trimmer butt haha :P lol I know I'm vain. So before hunting for cosmetics and my spank pants haha we makan at A&W! Did you know they had a new packaging?

Atticca with her Rut Beer with Float!

Me at the ATM line :)


monster cartoon tank top was a gift from my auntie
super comfy high waisted weird poofy skinny pants from bangkok
flats from crocs
both bracelets from q-losophy
wallet from f21
bag from lv

with Shea :)

We're gonna have a shoot for prom queen nominees for the prom later at night! (what to wear.. what to wear..) lol. damn thick skin right, but oh well, it's my final prom I'm soooo allowed to be thick skined!

and i just realised that a few of my final exam papers fall on a Saturday :/ Why is MMU like that? Sighhh. So Miss OCD's updates will be put on halt by the middle of May :(

the day ended with me NOT buying any spank pants.. I bought a corset instead ;)

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