Friday, July 31, 2009

I heart nasi lemakkkkkk :)
Nasi lemak is the BEST breakfast EVERRRR!! I don't know about you but I have a huge appetite in the morning.. If possible, I don't want biscuits, cereal, hot drink, etc.. I need MAN FOOD :D Nyum! I've been bugging my mom to cook pancakes.. Because she has not done that since I was a little kid.. :/ I need pancakesssssssssss! Pancake pancake pancake!

Its 10.30am now and I'm hungryyyyy...

top from stokist
white skinnie from miss ocd
heels from bangkok
bracelet(s) from uk
bag from clothesbucket

love the skinnies? It's onlt selling for rm50 on Miss OCD! A special PROMO price including pos express! Visit visit now!!!

Yesterday I managed to watch another movie before updating Miss OCD.. Watched this China movie. LOL.. It's called COWEB and the whole movie is just fighting.. : I kept squealing "no no no" in the movie theater.. Luckily it was pretty empty.. Around 7 people only.. Hahaha.. I'm like that when it comes to movie.. I cannot NOT say anything.. especially if they are violent -.- But it's not a very good movie.. I think Obsessed or the HK movie with Daniel Wu and Louis Koo would be nicer.. :)

On a totally unrelated note, I want new shoessss! :D and I wished h1n1 would stop spreading because it's getting scary.. My bro just got back from Singapore a few days ago and he had fever.. and was vomiting.. I was so scared to be near him : But thank goodness he is fine now.. :)


Thursday, July 30, 2009

awesome day

I still have to take pica's for another garment and here I am..
Plain pig lazy :

Monday, July 27, 2009

i am freaking short
Okay okay, so I got really bored today.. Searched through my all my pica's (phew! so tiring!) and I found a few interesting pica's! Today's topic will be: How to look taller than you really are. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok! So first up.. (Do take note that this is only from what I observed okay! I do not have any diploma/degree on how to place your legs to look taller :P)

1 theory to always keep in mind: Add some "body" to your legs! I know it sounds like adding some tongue to your brain or adding some feet to your eyes but NO! HAHAHA I can assure you it really does mean something. Try thinking this: Its like adding BODY to your hair! Woot! Toooootallllly makes sense now right?

Pica 1:

Pica 2:


Pica 3:

You be the judge ;)

Comment please! <3

i want.

Saturday, July 25, 2009



Date: 27 July, Monday
Time: 8pm

I didn't do much during the weekend. Just went for a movie and did a few repairs on my orders (was very mong cha cha) Ok before I get into my "I'm getitng so old nowadays story," please do not watch the movie PUBLIC ENEMIES! The movie is very long. very boring. very draining. very predictable. and very.. (just insert all of the bad boring things here) Although Johnny Depp stars in the show, it was such a let down. *groan*

Okay, so back to the story..

I don't know whats up with me.. THIS is the first time I screwed up my parcels by putting the wrong address :/ and wrong name also. Sorry to Rachel and Pohlin.. Thank goodness you girls both stay at the same area : And also I posted a wrong item to a customer.. 1st time too :/ Goodness what is happening to me :/ Catching up on age kut *gulps*

top from miss ocd
floral skirt from uk
belt from uk
shoes from online
bag from uk
studded belt bracelet from uk

Not to mention I'm having some trouble sleeping.. Any ideas how to overcome this problem? :/ I don't like drinking warm milk before I go to bed cause I can't stand the milky smell.. I did try it ONCE because I was so desperate to get some sleep.. BUT it did not help me. The thought that I just drank milk haunted me -.-


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Unleash the FASHIONISTA in YOU!

Unleash the FASHIONISTA in YOU!

Miss OCD will be having a new feature very very very soon! It is called:

Image Hosting by

What is this? This is a little corner on the blog where you can share your OUTFIT pictures with other fashionista's!

How to? Just send a full length picture (from head to toe) and dress yourself in ANY Miss OCD garment. That's it! Please make sure your head is not cut off (If you feel uncomfortable revealing your face, Miss OCD will help you censor it in a nice way :)) Headless pictures will not be posted up.

Send your pictures to:

Details you should include:
1) Name (your real name please..)
2) Where you are from
3) Tag all the pieces of your clothing (for Example: Tutu skirt from Miss OCD, Belt from Forever 21, etc)
4) And if you want to, you can tell everyone why you like the garment from Miss OCD and what event would be suitable to wear your outfit to? (Example: A wedding, a club, girls night out, anything!) Feel free to say anything else if you want to :) Be creative!

So what's in it for you girls?
Every month Miss OCD will feature the outfit which is the best of the bunch :) THAT lucky person would get free postage for the whole following month! (In Malaysia only of course..) For example if you send in entried in August, you will be running to get free postage for September :) This present is not transferable to another party & cannot be redeemed for cash.

This feature is available starting from AUGUST 2009. So start snapping those outfit pictures! :D Oh and the best part is, you can send as many pictures as you want! You can start sending them now as well! :) Pictures sent from today (July 21) will be counted for the August slot. Pictures sent will be updated daily for viewing.

Why did Miss OCD decided to start this feature?
Because Miss OCD only do meet ups at ONE area, and postage fee can be really painful.. So, why not? :)

Time to show off that outfit girls! :)

Happy 32th Birthday Bruce Kong!


Old is GOLD.

yayness bananas

yayness bananas
yeay! i'm so happy because so many people commented and dropped by! hehe i feel so thick skin all of a sudden : asking ppl to leave comments to motivate me? not exactly what i normally do haha.. thank you to alllllll for layan-ing my ... whatever you call it -___-" let's start of with outfit pictures! :D

OH! and also, I'm very very very proud of myself today :D WHY? Go to Miss OCD and you'll see why! Hehehe the little pictures on the left which was previosly cacat looking looks so much more better now! I think I'm doing great for a marketing multimedia graduate :D

oh before that, I've been online shopping like crazy last week -.- bought 2 stuffs from velvet-ribbon, and clothesbucket just got back from UK. WHY?! I love stuffs from UK. The quality is so much better.. ahhhh cannot tahan. Spent rm200+ just in a few days. -.-"
My hair is so long already.. and it's so Grrrrrr.. If it doesn't get blowed dry it'll just be flat and boring -.-
V neck top from i forgot where
peplum checked skirt from velvet-ribbon
heels from bangkok
big hobo bag from clothesbucket
bracelets from uk

super playsuit from miss ocd
red bag from old blossom box
studded wrap around sandals from shoplifters
fedora from flea market

i bought this bag from Jezmine so long ago and I finally whopped it out and I forgot I even bought it! OMG -.-

My studded wrap around sandal from shoplifters! Heh. Only my second time wearing it -.-

Things to do this week: I need to go to Cyberjaya to deliver Ann Na's shoes, top and a whole bag of clothes to Sue Jane :/ I was clearing my cupboard the other day and I've got so many small clothes that I bought last time.. and some still even with their price tags attached.. some i bought for CNY and never wore it.. And some I only wore ONCE for a few hours.. what the... -.- So I decided to give them to Sue Jane! Cause she's so petite -.- More than half the bag was online stuff I bough before Miss OCD existed.. And the bag is really huge.. She's so lucky kan..? Hahaha.. I'm so lazy to sell them off.. If only I could open my home and ask people to come and jz grab them or rm10 a piece. I'd be FILTHY RICH! Wooooot!

this is the big bag to sue jane.. Not sure if she'll be shocked. Cause I told her I'm giving her "some" clothes :D If you look closely, its slightly taller than the chair seat :D

edit: The bag up there is to be shared by jane and ann na haha.. look what i kena after i posted this :P

sorry if the image is small :/ dunno why you guys can't click to enlarge the photo.. I need Sue Jane to help me do coding.. Where's sue jane?! :P

LOL I'm sorry ann na! Jane is so small don't know she can wear my baju's or not.. So you tqo bersharing-sharing kay? I still love u don't worry :D

Should I open a blog selling my band new clothes? Hmmm. Tell me what you think ok? :D

Sunday, July 19, 2009

boring person

i'm such a boring person
sigh. i just realised that my blog is really boring -.- sorry to my "silent readers" (or non-existant readers..) i'm thinking of deleting it already. why doesn't anyone leave stuff in my chat box? i'm so sadddddddddd boohoo. my blog feels so pointless at this point and i'm more eager to upload pictures on chictopia rather than to update this blog. insane insane. but really, nothing has been going on. the slow pace of life is my friend. my daily routine is wake up, read and answer emails, answer sms's, eat, check mail, answer mails, answer sms's.. gosh. what is happening to me?! i need someone to drop an imaginary friend for me (green preferably) cause i'd like to have a little shrek hohoho.

omg i can't believe i jz said that.

went out the last few days. drinking nia. but this time went to chilis for a small gathering.. i don't really like to go drinking cause i get so full and bloated -.- my tummy is not liquid friendly. i can a LOT of food but once I take a gulp of water suddenly i feel all full and unable to gobble FOOD. I LOVE FOODDDD.. :

in the kereta

look at that silly boy on my right. the fella driving still can smile silly. so silly hehe..


kawans since malacca days + girlfriend lynn

mango guava mango :)

but why? :

my food. yah i'm on a diet hahahaha..

darren's lamb

lucius sandwich

lynn's big arse burger which she could not finish -.-

wayne lamb shoulder

louis fat burger + bacon.. YUM!

hehehe outfit picture..

XOXO lace babydoll top
bondage skirt
heels from bangkok
ruffle clutch from old blossom box

I realised no one wears babydoll tops anymore... WHYYYY.. they're so lovely.. can hide that TUMTUM :D I LOIKE! :D:D:D

group pic.
there were supposed to be the 20 of us but look at the outcome -.-

this is stuuuuu.

k thats all bye
ah my boring life.

I need more comments to motivate me -.-

Sunday, July 12, 2009


12 july @ 9pm

Now, you know you wanna be there :)


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

tutu ballerina

it's holiday all day!
LOL. I'm such a bummmm.. I've been bumming.. and doing nothing but BUMMING.. :D Nothing beats the way I feel now.. So free.. Not like a couple of months back when I was studying :/ Goodness. No more studyinggggg. NO MORE :D :D :D :D LOL but yes I do feel useless at times.. But it's not like I'm not applying for jobs out there.. I'm just a fussy pot in selecting my work place.. You don't expect me to work in a Technical line now, do you? I would die if I did. Cause if you knew me.. I'm not technical at all :/ Oh well. Tomorrow I am going to CLEAN my room. HAHA. Since I've moved back.. I've been travelling so I had the excuse to not do anything cause I simply was not around.. BUT my mother has been nagging and nagging.. So okay Mom, I'll do it tomorrow.. :D
Now, an outfit picture ;)

Yellow vintage top from Aunt
Blue tutu skirt from Velvet Ribbon
Necklace from UK
Bracelet from UK
Shoes from Online

It's 3.49pm and I haven't eaten my lunch.. Hmmm, what should I eat? :/ For no reason.. Lately I've craving for BBQ Plaza.. They have one in Pyramid and 1U.. Hmmmmm... :) Nah, I'll just go eat ice cream haha :D Nyum!