Saturday, May 23, 2009

French exam sucked today

Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodbye to my life in Cyberjaya
Je me suis rappelé la première fois lorsque je suis dans Cyberjaya et je me sentais tellement perdue. C'était il ya trois ans. Il a été trois ans. Je vais maintenant regarder en arrière et se sentent tous bizarre intérieur. Une partie de moi rêve de s'attarder ici, mais une partie de moi est aussi malade de cette place. Je suis impatient de voir ce qui est à venir ..

Challenges. J'ai peur d'eux, mais je tiens à leur rencontre. Changer. Le changement est nécessaire. Mes trois ans et une année dans fondation a fait de moi la personne que je suis aujourd'hui. Je suis heureux. Je suis très heureux du choix que j'ai fait. Le bon et le mauvais. Je vais embrasser tout. Et j'ai bien le faire une fois de plus, si je l'avais trop.

Donc, ici, c'est le peuple qui a béni moi. J'aime à vous tous. Même si vous pensez que vous mai ne pas jouer un rôle dans ma vie, vous avez certainement fait. Pour les personnes qui m'ont aidé en dépit de leur agitation et aussi pour les gens qui me sourit et pleure à côté de moi. Et aussi pour ceux qui était assis à côté de moi en classe et vinaigre avec moi. Ce doux-amer moments sont ceux qui me font déchirer et d'être heureux que j'ai eu la chance ici.

Je crois que nous allons nous rencontrer de nouveau. Mais juste avant nous, je tiens à vous dire combien ce lieu appelé Cyberjaya cela signifie pour moi. Malgré le sentiment de la mort de ce lieu donne à chacun .. C'est parce que beaucoup de gens et d'amis que ce lieu est mis à la vie.

Merci beaucoup mes amis.

Monday, May 18, 2009


This is the 1st ever time i've gotten insomnia and it's really horrible. I don't know what's wrong. I feel completely relaxed on my bed. But I'm not tired. I'm not stressed. In fact, I'm so awake. I'm only able to fall asleep at 6am. And THAT itself is only for a few minutes and then I wake up again and roll again. Is that considered insomnia? I can't even stay asleep for an hour. It's so frustrating because I don't like to roll around until 6am and I like being asleep when everyone else are. It's 2.27pm now. I'm so sleepy. But I don't want to sleep. Am afraid it'll screw up my body clock. I just want to sleep at 12am and wake up at 8am. Grr. Why why why why.

On a totally unrelated note, did you see this lovelies at The Shoplifters? I can't wait to get this when I'm back from my holiday! :D

and I got a very nice fluffy tutu skirt from Q-losophy today! She just got back from overseas (again! yes, again!) Hohoho :) And Lynn of Fashion Loft is coming back from UK soon!!! I can't wait to get my 10+++ dresses (I think!?) and my accessorizeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D And Jezmine is going to Bangkok this friday :( Her 2nd time in half of 2009. I'm soooo jealous...I tell you, this girls are like going all over and here I am stuck with finals and my stupid sleep problem. I also want to go! :( :( :( :( *whine whine whine* Ah, I can't wait till 30th May. Then, it's VACATION TIME baby!

Oh and stay tuned to Q-losophy! She has uber nice stuffs from overseas! (: I didn't wanna sapu everything so I just bought a tutu skirt haha

Sigh. Okay. I'm trying to be hyper but I'm so sleepy. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP is all I can think about now. Sigh. The torture!

The only thing that calms me down is when I think back on the time I was in Bangkok :) It never fails to put a smile on my face :D <--- like that. The best time to visit Bangkok is January if you ask me. The weather is cold in January (but when we went we did not know that!) and all of us were ready to wear our tanktops and shorts and to sweat it out but we were so wrong! We touched down the airport and it was freezing cold!!!! :/

Some snap shots of Bangkok

Haha. Altho I look stupid here but I heart this shot!

at MBK

Shadow friends :)

These are processed durians! Haha. I prefer the Durian Chips tho.. You can get them at MBK. For those who go EWWWW at the smell of durian this ones got no durian smell don't worry :)

Outside Siam Paragon (It's like the Pavillion of Bangkok). If you have a chance there, go to their food court! The Pad Thai is amazing (Thai Char Kway Teow!) and they got a lot of nice eating places in the food court too! From chocolates to donuts to whatever! And those shopping bags are not ALL mine okay.. HONEST!

Sunny Side up Breakfast at hotel every morning! :)

at Central World, iBerry

This cute lil shop in Central World shopping mall in Bangkok serves awesome chocolate truffles and the macadamia nut brownie is damn power :) They also sell body lotion (got chocolate body lotion okay!) OH! and Central World is where a lot of Thai local designer sell their stuff there :)


I wanted to book the free flights to BKK last week when air asia was having their promo but i was too late. boohoo me. ah whatever. If its meant to be, it's meant to be.

I love BKK!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

weird dream

Last night.. I dreamt of..

MNM's!!! Seriously..

I dreamt that I was an MNM Superhero.. (Wait.. Don't laugh 1st..) And there was a bunch of us. who were superhero's too. And this other 2 MNM's hero's was so in LOVE with me (HAHAHA I know right so LMAO one my dream...) And they were like fighting for my attention and I got so sick that I carried them and put them on a cupboard top and left them and I told them BOTH also I don't want.... THEN I woke up.. -.-

Finals are in a week and I don't want to study



Last exam already.


Monday, May 4, 2009


long post ahead :)

Prom was 2 weeks ago, I think? or was it 3? Lol. Anyway, it was my last prom! It is by 4th prom in total (since high school, that is :)) This time round it was in Sunway Hotel Ball Room (which was really nostalgic because my 1st prom which was my senior year high school prom was there too.. Gosh, it has been 5 years ago! -.-) But it was great to be back there. Nothing much has change. Everything looks the same ol'.. So to start off : Getting ready for prom! Hee. I went to a saloon in Sri Kembangan to have my hair blown and wash. RM20 only :D Haha :D:D:D The poor fella taking care of my hair had to bear with Celine and I talking about all the nonsense under the sun. I caught a few moments of him laughing, smilling and looking all amused at the both of us -.-

Celine came to Cyberjaya to pick me up! :D
On the way to the saloon!

Getting ready :) See my blue dressss! Hee ;) It is so flowy and comfy!

US :) We were waiting for our dates to pick us up! And Darren called me and said his car WILL NOT START omg I started to panicccccccc! So Jon had to fetch him to Celine's and he took my car keys and drove back to Cyberjaya to take my car from Cyberjaya and to pick me up at Celine's right after -.- Which explained why we were sooooo late! Prom started at 7pm and we reached around 8pm+++

So we took pics while waiting! :D:D:D Silly me asked Celine to take the picture with the sunlight at the back.. The result is this. -.-

So much better kan? :)

Dress is from Sg Wang. The shop which I bought this dress from was realllllly WEIRD. This is how the story goes.. (Long story ahead BUT if you want to find an awesome dress, please read on!)

Tca and Shea was dress hunting with me one day in Sg Wang and suddenly we saw this whole row of DRESS SHOPS for events like prom.. We were so estatic! So we walked into a few.. AND we came across this shop.. I was still busy looking at a few dresses in another shop when Tca and Shea called me over to another shop... So I told them to go ahead 1st and I will meet them there.. THEN, when I was done.. I looked at the shop where they were in when they called me over but they were GONE! So I was looking for them.. I could hear them but could not see them! Like what the... right? Then this sales lady in one shop told me they were behind the curtains!!! I know right??!! It was super dodgy! So I was like.. OKAY.. And the sales girl pulled the curtain aside like there was some sort of SECRET and OMGOMGOMG it was a whole WARDROBE of dresses hanging from right, left, front, everywhere! Holy Moly! Hahahahaha. The dresses there are without price tags so I was a bit skeptical of whether they were going to rip me off or something. So while changing in the super small fitting room I told the girls to ask the lady how much were the dresses.. And the sales lady bluntly told me.. "Don't worry! I will give you low low price.." -____-" So okay.. I was thinking after this dress I am SOOOOO going to bail out cause this shop was just too creepy okay.. 1st the curtains and now this.. My heart just couldn't take it.. But then.. Tca and Shea kept handing me dresses of all sorts! There were those cheongsam cut in dresses that had slits that could make guy nose bleed for days.. There were sexy dresses that showed your sides, cleavages, everything! They had long, short, medium length dresses.. IT WAS MADNESS!!! I tried on like.. 15+++ and my arms were sore from lifting and pulling and tugging the dress into place.. TILL I saw this DRESS! ELECTRIC BLUE! Hohoho! I knew it was meant to be! I did not want a BLACK, purple... or RED dress.. Too typical for my liking.. So when I saw this dress in THIS color, my heart skipped a beat! :D

Initial price that the sales girl gave me was rm180+++ if not mistaken.. But.. apparently we could NEGOTIATE! Hohoho! NEW right? So after manja-ing the lady, she finally sold it to me for a lower price! Hehe. For those who are interested to know this funny shop, let me know okay :) Just so you know the sales girl is VERY PERSUASIVE! :/

So back to my prom update... :)

This is Celine in her Kerchief MAXI

So when Celine's date arrived we asked him to take a picture of us! :D:D:D He was very layan!

At prom! With my coursematey Keat Yee :) When I first met this babe.. She was a little scary honestly. She was always sitting alone, somewhere in the middle of the lecture rooms.. And she was always looking so serious.. GOSH I was so scared okay.. But then, 1 fine day Tca, Soph and I approached her to form a group for assignments cause she was all alone in the lecture room hahaha :P And ASSIGNMENTS brought us together and it's been great knowing her! Now she's in all my groups for assignments! This girl is the one who drives me crazy the most because she is such a perfectionist in everything! When we are having assignment meetings and the girls side track and start talking about shoes and all she will give us this deadly stare and ask us to refocus! So tension sometimes -.- But it is because of her, the job gets done and it always turns out awesome! Hehe.. Oh! And we used to work together for DiGi too! Which was how I discovered her crazy side -.- I'm so sad that after we graduate, we might not see each other again! :((

us :)


Marianne, me and Celine :)

with Ping Ting

With Tharan

with Ken

With Ann Na my bazaar going partner and Sue Jane!

Girls from CF :) Thank goodness I was not wearing black or red -.-
From left: Ann na, me, Jane, Lai Hoong and Caryn

With Fahmy

Keven Tan and I

Steve and I

Jeremy Song

Eli, Shea, Sarah Ong and I :)


This is penguin and my date for prom :) HEHEHE

With Kevin

This is Issac

with stella

with sook yee

The after prom.
Before going back home, it is a MUST to take a staircase shot! My date was very layan! He took whatever pictures I wanted ;) So nice kan? :D

AH! Ok, it's the end of the prom post.. Phew! I'm gonna miss my studies.. Seriously.. It's time for me to graduate.. And to move on with life now.. To the next phase! More challenges, more people to meet and a lot more! I can't wait!

Sunday, May 3, 2009



Hohoho it's been a while since i said something here. Nothing has been really happening.. Except that I'm so tired all the time and I lack of sleep -.- Other than that, I'm virtually shopping in UK thanks to Kaelynn of Fashion Loft! Hehe, she's been such a doll in shopping in UK for me! So sayang kan :D Heeeee :D:D:D A few thing I bought:

Cotton drape dress which is exteremely gorgeous!!!! :D

Floral dress i loike! Comes with the black belt too with bustier details.. I went OMG when i saw this >.<

Peacock printed peplum dress! Woot! I like peplum! Most of the stuff I bought from UK is peplum peplum and MORE peplum!!! :D

Heeee! Another Peplum.. I bought this in black and white cause they were out of sizes for electric blue.. the one i bought was a black dress with a white sash.. VERY CANTIK! *pengsans*

This was the most potong stim one! I wanted this so bad.. but only size UK16!!!! Pfft -.-

And a peplum jeans washed skirt! Woot!

According to Lynn, the peplum fashion has not really hit UK yet thus the ones in topshop are so expensive -.- But oh well, I'll settle for ASOS anytime :)

Goodness... Now i know why I'm so broke.. Spending money in POUNDS is not funny.. REALLY -.-. Other than that, I got a few accessories from topshop UK :) Can't wait can't wait! :D:D:D

Ok, I think I should stop before I spaz out or something >.<


oh and I will be updating Miss OCD sometime this week.. time and date to be confirmed :)

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stay tuned