Tuesday, September 15, 2009

gossip girl s3!

gossip girl s3!
It's going to go on premier right as I'm blogging about thing! OMG!

Leighton is so rocking that shoulder padded peplum dress.. Not to mention Ed is freaking hot -.-

Spoilers that I found out is that: Hilary Duff (Yes, Lizzie McGuire) is going to play Vanessa's roomate in college -.- LOL.


I can't wait!!!!
More sneaks about GG S3 :)

Other than that, I really want to see Grey's Anatomy Season 5 :

Friday, September 11, 2009

tenji yo

I had an awesome buffet today :) I ate, ate, ate and ate :) I loike! ;) Tenji is having a fabulous offer.. RM39.90 for lunch! :D:D:D:D:D After tax and service charge and all that, it comes up to about rm46 :) I had loads of SASHIMI, CHOCOLATE FONDUE and ICE CREAM!!!! *jumps*

I know that it was going to be a great day when I saw this in the parking lot :D

I super heart mini coopers ok! and what more in RED :D

Oh! This reminds me of my 1st brother.. Haha, I was having a little talk with him yesterday. I asked him whether should I buy a car or a house 1st.. Because me being me, I wanted a new car lol. And I plan to give my current car to my dad because his car is super old and I am really afraid he gets into an accident again.. :/ Because his last accident happened while he was driving on the high way and the car just suddenly died.. And a lorry from behind banged him and he spun 180 degrees -.- I would die if anything happened to him : But my bro told me to save up for an investment that he would find for me :D teehee.. My kor is like that, really intelectual. Hottest properties are his bread and butter.. So I'll just give him the 20k when I have it, that is :) In the mean time i'll just pass my car to dad whenever he needs it..

Continuing my little story of my day..

Tenji! :)

I heart the coconuts there :) So cute.. By the time I had my 1st.. everything was GONE! What is this.. :/

With the girls..

and our coconut :D

ann na and I :)

I told myself I need to wear a dress that will allow me to EAT! :) and this dress does the trick! :) Thanks to Jane from Clothes For Fun! :)

OHHH! And 1 thing that I look forward to.. Altho I heart flats to bits, THIS just had to find me.. :D

I can't wait for my shoes to arrive from Kiss n Tell! :) Michelle, faster bring it! :D:D:D

Aren't they GORGEOUS! I don't care, I know they are! :D

I love my funky new sunnies :D What do you think? ;)



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I know I have not been blogging much.. Will retun soon :)

Been feeling really misunderstood around my friends lately. And it makes me not want to believe anything is real.