Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Army of Three - Hope against hope

Army of Three - Hope against hope

So, I was asked to be in a music video of my friends band called Army Of Three. They're a Christian Rock band and I was so flattered to be asked to star in it (: Initally I could not make it due to my busyness but I managed to make it on that day. I really thank you guys for this great opportunity! And yes i screwed up so many times because they were really specific on what they wanted me to look like (Needed to show a lot of emotions in this video) And I thank the producer/director Chern Liang for being so patient with me! (Carrying those camera's weren't exactly easy.. :/ ) This video is official too and they are under Starmaker too :D woot! They're gonna make it BIG I tell ya' :D and of course I had my long hair back then too.

Some shots at the making of the awesome videoJeff on the left & Darren on the right

That's Chern Liang! :)

Chern Liang and Johnson discussing something and I'm there trying to balance myself from falling. The broken tiles were wicked to my heels :/

the amps

Horror flick! :P


Visit their myspace page!


I wish the band success (:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

it's starting

it's starting
Mid term break has ended. There goes my 1 week of holiday.. And now, back to reality.. The pain and agony I feel waking up every morning.. and I see MMU. Drive to MMU, eat in MMU, walk in MMU. Ah, just so damn Abysss.

Hi final half of my remaining semester.
I'm only half way thru.
Only. Half. Way.

But why does it feel so far away?
The agony!
The agony!

I feel like its the 1st day of school tomorrow.
Sheesh. 1 week of holiday is not enough.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Love

Sunday Love

Yay! Today is Sunday! Sounds lazy but was a super busy day for me. I woke up at 8am+ and got ready to eat some breakfast with mummy. This was one of our usual Sunday makan places! At ss19 Subang at a chinese coffee shop this Auntie serves a badass nasi lemak okay. Mine is with WILD BOAR and Lunchen meat! Woot! :) Awesomeeeeeeee Major Yum!

My nasi lemak!

Close up on the WILD BOAR! :D
and not very expensive also.. rm4 only (;
(with half egg, kacang, ikin bilis, rice, sambal, wild boar and lunchen meat)


Right after church, Darren picked me up and we went to subway to makan. Met Ashley and Ann Na there then we rushed off to the 3K Bazaar! ;)

Outfitku from top view :)

Waiting for Ann Na to finish her shopping :P

Ann Na bought new CROCS! Woot :)

And so did I! :) They are sooooo comfy it's like your walking on AIR! There were 2 shops selling CROCS (1 was for rm80 and another was for rm90) The rm80 Crocs shop did not have my size! The smallest was a size 6 BOOHOO I was so jealous of Ann Na's crocs and kept telling Darren I emo hahaha :P But then after we walked out to the bazaar I spotted these LEOPARD PRINTED CROCS! Omg major love! and they're smallest was a size SIX *Faints* But SURPRISINGLY they're my size! According to the shop lady some cutting is like that -.- so YAY to super weird cuttings! Heh. So the both of us decided to change shoes since our feet was pretty uncomfy wearing heels :P (The road at the parking lot was rocky and ruined our heels like mad.. :( )

YAY! Must worth it buy because I think I'll prolly wear my crocs more often than all mt rm100+++ heels GRRR.

Love this shot!

Vintage blue batwing from The Old Blossom Box Store
Yellow wooden rocking horse brooch from The Old Blossom Box Store
Slick Tights from Miss OCD
Vintage bag from Acouplesbird
Vintage belt from Mom
Leopard printed awesome Crocs from Crocs

We left to Cyberjaya and washed up and headed to the Hot Air Balloon Thingy at Putrajaya.

The men with the kites and the lady with the ella :)

the view

Ann Na and her kite

my hand look so gemuk :} this is us flying out kites! :D

Whee :)

It was sooo sunnnnnnnny!

This is me with my little girl outfit :)

Tommy Hilfiger Overalls
Grey baby tee from Hat Yai Thailand
Lolipop Brooch from Bebenang
Leopard Printed Crocs from Crocs
Vintage bag from Acouplesbird

hot air balloons right abouve our heads!

most of the hot air balloons

Ann Na banana and I :)

Darren & his kite :)
(which I somehow managed to lost, long story.. :/)
Say YAY to comfort shoes!

Then I got bored and started taking pictures under the umbrella hahahaha :P

Picture 1: Ann Na's Buns
Picture 2: The picture where Ann Na look like she's offering sweets to Darren
Picture 3: Ashley's umbrella pants


This is Ashley. Look like budak sesat :P

A really tiring day but I'm happy happy happy! Will be heading to PD tomorrow for 4 days! I'm so stoked it's finally relax time! :D:D:D:D

I feel so dehydrated.


Oh! BTW, Miss OCD has updated with awesome stuffs!

it's only 11.05pm and I'm so tired :( See you when I'm back!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

caution: wet floor

caution: wet floor
Another one of my random outfits to university. I was walking with a few friends during our class break and I spotted the wet floor sign.. So, I took a picture with it just for fun! :) Thank goodness the campus was pretty empty because it was only 9.30 in the morning :) so, i spared myself the embarrassment :D

Tan brown Oxfords from Honey Pumpkin
Satin leggings from Miss OCD
Velvet grey hoodie with little skirt from Honey Pumpkin
Yellow rocking horse brooch from Old Blossom Box Store
Vintage Bag from acouplebirds
Studded Bracelet from Bangkok

This is MMU, Cyberjaya on a Friday morning :)

My legs look so abused -.- Guess I have not recovered from my staircase fall during a shoot at White Label Closet. Boohoo.

Ah! Midterm break starts as of now! I got a whole week off *GLAD!* Will be at Port Dickson for 4 days. Don't miss me please. Yes YOU. Especially YOU Kaelynn Wong! and not forgetting Celine Chew Chern Nee! :P This woman has been going to the gym all the time.. until she forgot me :(

Miss ALL of yew!

from left: Me, Kaelynn & Celine

*long time ago picture, 2 of us chopped to short do's and miss kaelynn wong only trimmed 4 inches AHEMMM*

I'm so evil but you know I love you and I think you'll still look hot with short hair (that is if you cut your hair :P and noooo, photoshopping and cropping a picture to look like you HAVE short hair is not counted darling)

Ok I'm done!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stripes & Converse

Stripes & Converse
Coincidentally Billy & I wore matching outfits to class yesterday :P

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh no!

Oh no!
I know I haven't been blogging much. Being a Final Year student, you just want to do everything so darn perfectly that it stresses that hell out of me. Well, simply because.. You have no room for mistakes :/ Grrr. But anyway, I'm still alive.. am still shopping a lot haha. So yeah, it's all good :D

I'm currently coveting a lot of things online. One of them are those liquid leggings with zippers which I 1st spotted on a Singapore Online boutique and now the love has spread over to Malaysia.. and! The TUTU skirt which i covet from the same S'pore online boutique is now offered in Room 8008. OMG :| and please don't get me started on the shoes from Yunique Paradise! She brought in so many sick shoes that I wanna stab myself after seeing all of them. Grrr. And she was kind enough to show me the actual product! Feast your eyes darlings! They're awesome ;)

The shoe I covet 1


*preorder pics*

The actual shoe! Looks fine to me considering its a preorder shoe and I personally do not trust preorder stuffs. Who's with me on this one?


The shoe I covet 2

preorder pictures

actual shoe

both shoes are from yunique paradise :)


The tutu skirt I covet
by Marc My Style (Singapore Boutique) I found earlier

By Room 8008


Oh well.

My outfit for church last last week :)

Vintage bag from Acouplebirds, vintage top from The Old Blossom Box Store, full on black leggings, Miss OCD studded Miu skirt (cant see the studs here! hehe), Black Oxfords from bazaar (they are 2 sizes bigger than my usual but heck cares :P) and thick black cincher from I forgot where :)


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things I heart

OKAY *deep breathes* i totally feel liks SPAZING out right now as i look at this Singaporean online shopping blog. The stuffs are so amazing I was gasping for air and squealing like mad when i browsed down on their stuff. TRUST me it's amazing you will not regret it. AHHHHHHH I want to GO TO BANGKOK so bad you don't even understand :(
say HI to super skinnies :D


TUTU's!!! Can be a dress or a swishy skirt omg i loveeee!


this are for those days where things just go effortless i totally hearttt!


oh zipper shoes!!!! :D I LIKEEEEEE I already have 2 but thats not the point.


and mini dresss! so uber cute you could get away with anything wearing this.. AWWW!


another tutu love! :D I LOVE TUTU'S!!!


bow patterned skirts are LOVE! :D So feminineeeee like.. who me? ;)


i love the grafiti skirt so omg lovely and genius! :D


the skirt is so pretty i love the one in RED


AHHHH love this toooo!


yellow shoes are cool kay *pengsans*


and i love zipperssssssss and this one i like tooooo!


awesome shoes i tell you :D I wantttttttt!


oh gawd i'm gonna spaz out again -.-


i love skirtsss! don't youuuu? so girlyyyyy and yayyyyy!


i love this kinda skirts! i loveee i loveeeeeee <3>


i want to go to Bangkok so bad, you don't even understand.

ahem. or at least earning in Singapore Dollars so I don't feel so bad when buying em instead :D