Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WHY H1N1?!?!

WHY H1N1?!?!
I'm so pissed off with this flu.. Now I can't go to Bangkok (Not to say can't but rather not..) Sighs. Why why why :(

Second reason on why I am pissed now is that I just got back from the SJMC Hospital.. and my advice to anyone who plans to go there in the future... DON'T GO THERE! Firstly, it's redonculasly expensive. Secondly, the doctor that saw me was really rude (maybe it's his style) but I did not like him. He snapped at me whenever I was explaining to him how I got my tummy sick, when it happened and how the pain felt.. He would jz suddenly go, "Not the point" and I was left beyond shocked just staring at him not knowing how to react. He never looked at me in the eye when speaking to me and asking me questions. Nothing at all. He was really cold and he did not believe that I was in pain. He said nothing was wrong with me and after hearing the sounds in my tummy, he said I am completely fine -________-" Goodness. If I am fine why am I in pain?! :/ I feel so tak puas that he thinks I am lying or what and that he snaps at me when I'm answering his question. And worst part is.. His so called CONSULTATION costs me rm135. He didn't even see me for more than 10 minutes. Day light robery. Seriously. And whatever he told me.. my doctor in the clinic has already told me.. NOTHING NEW. So erm.. Why did I go to the hospital again? Sigh. All in all I'm just so sick and tired taking medicine that does not work. And I took the step to go to the hospital and this is what I get?

and the third reason on why I am pissed is because I left my status on Facebook saying I was heading to the hospital and that if I were admited please come and visit cause I would be so bored.. And a few people left comments on it asking why do i sound so happy.. and i shouldn't feel happy going to the hospital yada yada. Goodness. On this 6th day of suffering.. I am really trying to keep a positive vibe in me and I got these so called friends mocking my status :/ Unless they want me to sound like.. "Oh my goodness I'm going to die.. Please do come and visit.. Maybe it's the last time you'll see me again.. Anyone got contacts to buy coffin?" Seriously. It just pisses me off.

Wouldn't all this piss you off too? It's on 2.20pm and I'm grumpy already. Grr.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

im back

i'm back yo
first and foremost. thank GOD for giving me good results for my final finals :) i was so darn happy i didn't need to fly back from Philippines to take a supplementary paper. so my rough results were out and i counted my cgpa and gpa. woot. happiness. lo and behold 1 week after i was in Philippines the grades came out. omg omg omg. so anxious to see the results and we were all searching for a FAST WiFi area. finally checked. called my mom up at 7am (yes Phillipines is a very early waking country! the sun comes out at 5am+! madness giler i wasn't used to it at all!) and my mom was happier than me -___- really. reason being this is because a couple of weeks back after my marketing research paper was done i texted my mom this: If i fail please don't scold me. hahaha. and if u scrolled down summore i actually had a bad feeling on almost all my papers. gosh. don't know what hantu masuk-ed me. but i do believe it is a blesssssing! whee~

AND yes i am still alive :) recuperating from all the holiday(s) i've been having. 13 days in Phillipines and 3 days in Langkawi. Phillipines was awesome. no Manilla for me. I went up north to San Fernando, La Union and Baguio :) OH! and I went to the mountains too. It was so cold like omg! now i'm tummy sick at home. no worries. no h1n1 attacking. not sure what sickness i have. my tummy aches like hell but i've no fever, flu, sore throat, etc etc. just my tum tum :( i went to the doctor twice since i tounched down from langkawi yesterday nite. it was so san-fu. i could not stand up straight. walk for 10mins without feeling like i'm gonna die and my tummy was playing fire crackers inside. thank goodness all this happened on the last day of my trip. i tried to be strong and did not want to bring the whole group down (there was 9 of us!) so i just kept on shopping shopping for chocs ans booze until i reach the air port.. and i just cry cry cry cry cry. ah. what's a girl to do? :) now, i just can't wait to revive my ocd baby.

oh. and on a totally unrelated topic. does anyone know of any nice comfy and bearable hotel to stay in bangkok? if yes, do share :) a bunch of us shopaholics want to shop and stay in a comfortable hotel when we fly off to bangkok to bring you girlies awesome goodies hehe i promise! leave at comment area.

thankyouverymuch <3