Tuesday, February 23, 2010

eumora arrived

look what came in today :P

for those who don't know what is this, it's call EUMORA :) i've been wanting to get this for myself after hearing a lot of stories about them. i know i know, they say it makes your face worst but i am going to believe it will work and i will pull through the detoxifying part (read more to know..)

reviews have said that it firms your face yada yada and it does! i just used it a couple of minutes ago and i am amazed. hopefully it continues to do so..

what changed?
1: my blackheads literaly looked like they want to come out (u know, not those stuck in stubborn ones..)
2: face firmer, smoother and supple like babys ass haha

its only my 1st attempt! i will try to upload my daily progress :)

so the negative side is during the detoxifying process. this happens around week 2 or 3 i think? it means that during this time, your face will be extremely ugly. dry skin peeling, pimples breaking out, u know, all that! it is said that this detoxifying stage is where the soap is working and it actually is taking out all the dirty stuff underneath the skin.

in short:
after seeing that your skin is peeling (really dry you want to kill yourself), new skin grows! yay!
and after seeling pimples, it actually dries up and goes away!

i am VERY happy with my purchase. i bought it from a JB seller and he/she (i dont know) was selling it at the lowest price! (email me if u want the contact..) i was actually searching high and low for the besssst price and i found this contact :)

mind you, original price for 1 box is RM380 and i got MORE than rm100 cheaper with free postage and masks thrown in :)

they also gave me 4 free masks! awesome :))

my eumora box (4 pieces of soap) and 4 masks

this is how it looks like.. the box is really tiny.. so tiny that it can fit in your palm
inside the small box is 4 little soaps :)



say hello to my blackberry!

up and working and serving me very well

best decision made to get a BB instead of an iphone :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

the nerver ending problem with maxis. sheesh!

its time to update one what happened to the BB problem heh.

i went to the maxis center with my mom and 2nd bro
i called customer service AGAIN when i arrived and they told me the same story again which is they tried calling sunway center and no one is picking up. so they will open a report for my problem and send it to the technical department and the tech dept. will get back to me
i heard this protocol of theirs for 5 times!
i told them i got my report number and i gave it to the call center person
she told me, "oh! this report was done by me!" O.O
maxis should have a tracking record of all customers! grrrrr.
for example, if you have a tracking system you will surely know whether a customer is ANGRY or not by just looking at how many times they have called in the past week
whatever, not my problem anymore haha.
so she then told me, "if it is not solved, you can visit the sunway maxis center.."
then i told her, "i am at the sunway maxis center now. who do i speak to?"
she told me, "the manager"
ahhhhh finally someone i can talk to!
so i managed to get the manager
but did u know they have like 3 managers and ALL of them are not seen at the background of the whole service center?
they are actually all sitting behind this thingy (its a room)
very cleverrrrr!
this dude put us into a room.. (scared we'll make a scene cause my mom has a supa garang face if she doesn't smile..)
we waited for at least 20 minutes
what kind of service is this right?
then the dude that put us in the room always came back to check on us to see if we were "okay"
they even asked me for my blackberry because it seems that they could not find the problem
finally after almost 40 minutes, a man came in
he told us, "sorry ma'am. prepaid network got problem. this problem is the tech department problem. we have already sent it to them. they are now fixing the problem."
mind you, i bought the phone on monday and this is the answer i got from them on friday
totally unacceptable right?
so my mom said, "when can i expect to use the blackberry with the service?"
he answered, "need to wait 5 more days."
at these moment i was appalled and wanted to burst out laughing
then my mom did her sticky magic.
she insisted it to be done now and that we had waited long enough
if you should know, we did not shout, scream, curse or anything
the man refused to take my bb back to offer me a refund
he kept saying prepaid got problem now but if postpaid, got no problem.
it is either they are descriminating or they are stupid.
if the prepaid plan got problem why did they even launch it in the 1st place and they EVEN made it exclusively till the end of FEB only.
classic genius of a monkey
my mom told him,
"ok, its either you solve this problem today, or you give me a refund or i will report this problem to the authorities.."
he kept apologizing
my mom was sticky as hellllllll
she kept saying it again and again while he kept saying sorry again and again

then he walked out
came back in 5 minutes and its done


they actuallytopped up my credit with rm98 and subscribed to the BIS manually.


to maxis/hotlink: if your plan not fully functioning don't launch it!

btw i have a video of the whole thing! not sure should i upload it on youtube. its nothing fancy really. my bro faced the camera to the top so its facing the ceiling constantly but you can hear the whole conversation.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

maxis, you suck!

be prepared to read a really angry post below. i am not normally like that. it just ticks my clock that this problem is taking forever!!! i can honestly say i have never been this angry before.

I am so frustrated with MAXIS. Ok, let me tell you on how THIS whole thing started.

Ok. So I do know, Celcom has the best coverage. I also know they have sucky customer service skills.

And I do know, Maxis coverage is not as goot as Celcom but it has better customer service

As for DiGi, don't even talk about it. There is no coverage in my house and i stay in Shah Alam.

So i went for Maxis's BB plan.

I got it on Monday.


no BB service? what the..? ok so nevermind, i called customer service..

the 1st call: the lady on the phone told me i have to dial *100# and subscribe to the service. BUT she got me all wrong. I already PAID for the service upfront for 1 whole year. She never bothered to ask what is the whole situation. She just told me,

"Oh! This one you have to suscribe by dialing *100#"

And I asked her, "Are you sure?"

She confirmed to me she was sure.


Lucky thing i do not have RM98 worth of credit, if not Hotlink would have taken that from me too as i really DID subscribe the service though dialing *100# but they sms me saying i had insufficient amount of credit.

So i called the 2nd time: I explained to them i bought this plan and what i paid and why is there no BB service?

The person told me, "Oh! You have to wait for 24 hours."

SO FINE, I waited for 24 hours.


Then I called after 24 hours. I told them, how come still no BB service? The lady told me she already launched a report and the technical department will call me in 5 minutes.


Then, at the later part of the day, I happened to go to sunway so i dropped by their center. and the customer service guy told me,

"Oh, this one ah.. normally like that one. Network very slow. If you take postpaid it is usually faster. For prepaid you will need to wait. That is how it normally is"

WHAT THE _________ ?

So it means that IF I am a prepaid user i am INFERIOR to the oh so worthy postpaid user? Does not make any good sense right? Its not like I did not pay for the service!!! I paid for the service, its just that I am opting for PREPAID because I do not call much.


I went home, telling myself it would be okay tomorrow.

I called them AGAIN. They told me,

"So sorry miss, I have already launched a report for you and the customer service is going to settle it as soon as possible.."


I said,

"That is what they told me yesterday. This is so silly. How come it takes so long to activate the service?"

He said,

"So sorry miss, I am just doing part time here"


Then I told him,

"If by tomorrow there is no BB service activated, I am going to the center and ask for a full refund"

he said,

"So sorry miss, I understand how you feel. We are trying our best.."


I just kept quiet. I was seriously about to cry and my voice was starting to break. You know the kind of voice you get when you want to cry but you are trying to NOT LOSE IT? Yup! thats how i sounded. And I bet he knew I was about to cry too.

Then he said,

"On a rate of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest, how would you rate my call?"

I was thinking to myself: ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

I said,

"Does it make a difference? My problem is not solved so why are you asking me this..?"
(I know its a protocol but i do not care. I have been asked this question for 4 times already!)

I couldn't remember what he said after that i just slammed down the phone.

I have been NICE for 2 days.

freaking 48 hours.


WHY in the 1st place did they launch a plan that is exclusively till the end of FEB when they CANNOT fulfill their plan?

WHY did they even have the normality of putting postpaid users 1st? My small little puny prepaid business is so unimportant is it?

WHY in the world does it take more than 48hours to just give me the EDGE service?

it is so stupid really.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bb + tic

its here!
after much thought of whether to get an iphone or a blackberry, i finally made a decision!

brought it home today in the afternoon. now i have to wait 24 hours for the BB service to activate

i got a new toy to keep me busy!


on Monday, my closet was featured on Tongue in Chic

Article HERE



thank you to jeee dearest for the spread :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


i love t-shirts
comfy in every way, sweat absorbant and oh so very casual :)

meet howling wolfie.

t shirt's came in this week, so it will be in tomorrow's update (8 Feb, 8pm) @ Miss OCD ;) only available in 2 prints and they are super exclusive as quantity of t shirts are super duper limited!

what i love?
its front studs (back not studded so no need to control when siting down ;P) and the howling wolfie print is on both sides (front and back) lastly, its print! it is done very nicely and it is not rough (you know some quality of prints make it reallllly rough? this is veryyy smooth ;)



hellowwww! :)

friday evening : went kai kai with darren

he took this while i was telling him,

"wait wait my hairrrrr.."


is it me or do they like to take things like this and then laugh just to annoy us females. but all is forgiven. i actually like this picture :)


saturday : free facial

on friday nite, kae lynn called me to go for this free facial thingie at SASA. so i just said okay since i have not seen her since my birthday.. :) we planned to go there extra early because we wanted to grab some breakfast. as usual, us being us.. we had brunch instead huakhuakhuak!

we shared a paddington pancake breakfast. so full right after. thank goodness we shared!

my birthday + christmas pressie from kaelynn which i did not expect!
ironic. the items given was NOT from body shop :P

inside: the green box is a fan! super useful as its quite hot these days..
the round round thing around the green box is a studded cincher that i've been eyeing since she got back from UK ;) i shall wear it soon! :D

the facial was not those picit picit, red faced and painful kind. it is more of the cleanse face, talk abit (usually they are selling their stuff while putting stuff on your face..), put mask, make u look all nice and radiant kind ;) we wanted to buy a few things because the product was realllly nice! smelt nice (the firming lotion smelt like PEPPERMINT ok!) and it soothing/cooling/refreshing etc etc etc but A LOT of their stuff were already sold out from the brand they were promoting which is CAUDALIE.


but we managed to get the ones we wanted :) Lynn wanted the spray spray thing which was called their beauty elixir or something like that. It is their star product. it is very refreshing! Me? I wanted their MASK because it was aweeeeesomeeeeee! ANDDD if you buy the mask and the beauty elixir spray thingy, you get 1 free beauty elixir spray! FUH! HOW TO RESIST? (you all know i'm a SASA gaga kind of person right....?) pictures are below.

my constant splurge
SASA should give me wayyyyy more freebies
(although they DID give me tonssss of CAUDALIE samples ngekngekngek)

whats inside? the box is the MASK (its a tube attached with a thick brush.. and you can squeeze out the stuff and apply on your face.. think face painting! ;)) and when the facial lady applied it on my face.. i knew i got to get it! it is cold, cooling and reaaaaaaaaaallllyyyy refreshing! the colorless bottle is the beauty elixir which was free! (the other beauty elixir spray was bought by kaelynn and she told me to take the FREE bauty spray because the mask was more expensive than her spray :)) the item on the most left is an eyelash helper to put on fake lashes ahha! reason why i got it was that i needed an extra rm11 to get another STAMP :D so i bought this gadget and some wet tissues (the packet on the far right)

ahhhh what a day :))) i am happy!

Monday, February 1, 2010


more more more outfit pictures :)

sunday evening - family dinner

sunday morning - church

friday afternoon - before going to the bank

you see.. once i have this favoritism going on.. i tend to dress the same all the time O.O all i need now is:

  1. skinny jeans
  2. top
  3. blazer
  4. super high comfy wedges
  1. skinny jeans
  2. top
  3. super high comfy wedges
so depressing. how can, right?

and my accessories are always the same O.O i need some help to be more creative.. seriously. does anyone have the same problem with me? and also, i need to wear more skirts, shorts, leggings, erm erm erm.. boot leg jeans? lol i haven't touched those in agesssssss! 2010 is all about rompers, prints, colors.. such a turn around from 2009.. i.. need.. to.. do.. something..

things to do tomorrow:

1. i will be giving away 95% of my clothes (any takers?)
(i have this other bad habit where i only wear clothes that are at the TOP of the stack.. so the ones which aren't on top have not been touched in ages!)

so why am i giving it all away?
i'm so sick of my wardrobe because i dont know what is what and where is what and its just bugs me O.O u know the feeling where you want to find this specific top and you can NEVER find it? so frustratingggggg.. I am going to find it tomorrow! and besides, i don't wear them anymore.. hence, i need space.

2. clear my shoesssssss

i just realized today that i got shoes that i can't even remember having.. and lets say if i have 10 shoes (ahem.. ;P) i only wear 2 and the other 8 are just there to smile and look pretty.. not good not good.. i need space! (i reallllllllllllllly do..)
wish me luckkkkk!

3. need to do MASK
my face is getting pretty irritated because of the HEAT. is it just me or is is HOT everyday? so yes, i need to unclog my poresssss.

4. paint nails RED for CNY

haha, i need more ONGGGG in my life!

i am also partly clearing my wardrobe because i'm getting an inspection from someone on wednesday (will blog about it later when its out!)

btw.. i think i lost a pair of brand new shoes.. :|


i know.


very sad.