Saturday, February 14, 2009

oh my shoes!

oh my shoes!

yay! got myself 2 pairs of shoes and i'm happy happy happy! :D

happy vday to all!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



it's been a while! :D uni just started and i'm just getting settled down. back from new years, back from holidays. ah! the year is just starting! with all the "recession" talk i've been hearing, gawd i'm so freaking nervous for everyone :/ including me. graduating mid this year is scary. what if got no jobs for me? what if this and that? GAH. whatever.

ANYWAY. I are craving for this. Is you? (haha mind the english, i talk silly sometimes)

a must-eat place in malacca! it's called Pak Putra. Located behind Jongker Street. This my friend, is called butter chicken.

awesomeness yum yum dee yum!
also, try their TRIPLE CHEESE NAAN and their TANDOORI is so tender and yumyum! :D

*stomach growls*

some significant stuffs which happened last year last year.
like, the part when we went to malacca and did nothing but eat.

so fat omg.
and we tourist-ed malacca town too!

lynn of fashion loft and i grabbing the poor fella's buns. HAHA

and also, i had a little shooting advert done at the white label closet. directed by a friend of mine. it's for her final year project and it was fun fun fun! we headed over to cupcake chic later that day for a part two but thats another story :)

lynn of fashion loft, white label closet owner (i think?), me! and tanya thorn hot babe

then then then! woot! i went overseas! yeayyyy! :) this is just a picture of us girls having a fun fun time sight seeing! :D out of all the hundrads of picture we took, this was the happiest one :D

me, sabrina, lynn & shevin
photographed by alan tan (the bodyguard ;))

oh! we had to wear wrap around sarung's cause apparently lynn's, shevin's and my pants were "too tight" hahahahahhaha. nonsense maximum. and sabby's one was fine to them -.-"

finally! happy chinese new year to all! may your angpau collection prosper and multiply on its own (yeah right eh) haha!

i love cny cause it's the only time you have a good excuse to wear that sexy red dress!