Monday, July 26, 2010


hellow :)

Last week my friends and I had a nite out in damansara.. And come to think of it, I felt like an old grandmama because I couldn't recollect when was the last time I went out, put on make up and just chill (not talking about mamak yamcha sessions here..) So yeah. It felt really weird at first because it felt really foreign. But heck, I am only 22! Why am I acting like an aunty who sits at home, watch TV with her dog and go to sleep by 12am? LOL

SOOOO, I decided to go all out! (only on make up though.. I didn't want to wear anything WOAH because we weren't going clubbing anyway..) Hence, the dracula-ness! If you are curious to how my eyes are HUGE here (when I have super sepet eyes..) take a look below..

how to get this look:
1) basic foundation (very important!)
2) red lip stick (up to you on how RED you want it to be)
3) clip on bags (or if you already have REAL bangs ;))
4) eye liner + some eye make up (make sure you put on your eye shadow base so the color with stay longer..) Normally I only line my eyes AFTER I put on my fake lashes.. Take it easy on the eye shadow, you don't want to look like a PANDA. The lashes will actually do most of the trick.
5) thick fake lashes (a must!!!)

lastly, make sure you have the balls because people WILL stare at you.

**to be MORE doll-liked, wear lady gaga headbands ;) **

and you're good to go :)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This was taken in Melaka ;)

Anyone with any suggestions on where to go for a nice, relaxing holiday? do share!


buzybeeeee me

Heylooo :)

This week has been a pretty hectic week..

1) My brother brought home a puppy
2) I had to settle some parcels at customs
3) I had to help darren settle some of this convocation stuff
4) poslaju and pos express is giving me headache and heartache

But it's all good!
Did you know Gossip Girl started shooting in PARIS for their season 4?!

Okla when people hear about or see pictures from Gossip Girl (GG) they tend to say,

"That show is so gay"
"That show is for bimbo's"
"This kind of show also you watch?"

So what? For me watching shows are for entertainment. Yes I LOVEEEE chick flicks and I love to watch all those senseless shows.. (I find them very therapeutic you see..) But I also do watch action/thriller movies. I always feel some people tend to stereotype you for what you watch (and also the way you dress, but that's another story). It just sucks that some people will actually NOT watch a movie because they fear that other people will think they are not "COOL" or people will they they are "GAY"

tsk tsk tsk

why why why are people like that?

**Not only for Gossip Girl but also for shows like twilight, sex and the city, etc etc..**

I just can't be bothered anymore seriously ;P (I use to be a little affected by this..)

BUT I do love watching GG cause they are full of scandals, politics (think high school drama, work drama and also some politic dramas..) :D Like I said before, pure entertainment. (Just a little note, I do have MALE friends that watch GG too ;) They're in it for the chicks..)

Here's a picture of Blake and Leighton in Paris :)

If you were to dress like that in Malaysia, you will get weird glances :/ Another saddd factor.


Another random picture with a thought:
Everyone needs a happy headband! ;) If you are the kind of person who will NOT wear prints, do try and change (I know it's hard because you want to wear the item and not the item wearing you) My only advice: be bold and do not be afraid :D Especially in this season where prints are the IT thing, we shouldn't miss out! ;) What do I think of prints? I'm lovin' it! I have 15 more prints coming up soon! All imported and all very chantek :D

This one is previously sold at Miss OCD :)



I will blog about dearest hayley soon (Hayley is the puppy ;)) Enjoy the little picture below ;)

my brother and hayley


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I pimped my berry featuring Alfie :)

Hey hey!


heyheyhey tee from
bag from mossimo dutti
shoes and shorts from miss ocd

with my clip on bangs ;)

I was in KL and decided to pay Eric (and Alfie) a little visit..

Presenting Mr Eric Soong

Owner and the person behind If you have a berry you want to pimp, get him! He is a devoted blackberry owner and he will make sure your berry looks sexy :D

my berry going through surgery

I pimped my berry last Friday! Wanna seeeee? :)

jeng jeng jeng!

in hot pink matte! plus he reinstalled my black screen (took out the white one) and also my original black keypad.

black and pink! what do you think?

I also bought some bling back covers ;)

the down side to this babies is that it makes it very difficult to charge my berry as the wire keeps disconnecting due to the thick plastic from the back cover :(

Eric and I :)


ANDDD this is ALFIE! ;) He belongs to Eric and this fella (the pupply) is too friendly! (and too adorable!) I remembered the 1st time i visited him (the puppy) and he was NOT like this. He was mostly lazing around, looking lost, looking sad, and he was always hiding underneath the sofa. Now look at him (the puppy), I guess he finally got used to everything around him else I would seriously think he is on crack or something. LOL.

isn't he a cutie? ;)

look at that face.. puss in boots in the training I'm guessing..

aww :D

this is what I call the "what are you looking at?" face

alfie's got some little teeth!

this is him in hyper mode! it was really difficult getting him to stand still..

cute butt

mushed up face!



next to a whole box of blackberry housings and the little thing next to him is his vitamin.


Last week was Deb's hot day! ;)

my outfit for the night accompanied by dearest cake (mmm :))

happy birthday darling ;)


underheadlights @ 8TV

Hey all :)

Sorry have not been blogging much (lazyness mostly ahem) I know I totally fail as a blogger because I don't know what to say sometimes. Bear with me as I improve from my lack of blogger-ness -.-

Did anyone see the World Cup finals? Honestly I expected more. I almost fell asleep and only fully woken up once the additional time started. Spain deserved it plus Iker Casillas is a total hottie. My opinion? Spain would have lost if it wasn't for him.

My brother and his band was on 8tv the night before World Cup took off. Here are some pictures. Enjoy :)

the band
guess which is my bro? ;P


my bro :) [the one on the left, duh]

I recently pimped my berry with ERIC :) Will update on it soon! :D