Monday, July 26, 2010


hellow :)

Last week my friends and I had a nite out in damansara.. And come to think of it, I felt like an old grandmama because I couldn't recollect when was the last time I went out, put on make up and just chill (not talking about mamak yamcha sessions here..) So yeah. It felt really weird at first because it felt really foreign. But heck, I am only 22! Why am I acting like an aunty who sits at home, watch TV with her dog and go to sleep by 12am? LOL

SOOOO, I decided to go all out! (only on make up though.. I didn't want to wear anything WOAH because we weren't going clubbing anyway..) Hence, the dracula-ness! If you are curious to how my eyes are HUGE here (when I have super sepet eyes..) take a look below..

how to get this look:
1) basic foundation (very important!)
2) red lip stick (up to you on how RED you want it to be)
3) clip on bags (or if you already have REAL bangs ;))
4) eye liner + some eye make up (make sure you put on your eye shadow base so the color with stay longer..) Normally I only line my eyes AFTER I put on my fake lashes.. Take it easy on the eye shadow, you don't want to look like a PANDA. The lashes will actually do most of the trick.
5) thick fake lashes (a must!!!)

lastly, make sure you have the balls because people WILL stare at you.

**to be MORE doll-liked, wear lady gaga headbands ;) **

and you're good to go :)



Heidi said...

One day imma curi your clip on bangs and see what i look like with it. hahaha. :P

You're lucky you can carry off red lips, I look like some kinda vampire with red lips. :C

laura t said...

Hey di! ;)

HAHAHA that was what kaelynn did ok.. She took my bangs and clipped it on.. btw, if you don't want to put red lipstick, you can try pale-pink ones.. also very sweet and not as loud :) <3!

sherlyn said...

hey dear! saw ur FB status!
dont care about those crazy ppl~ think about us who love u then its enough already! hehe

Heidi said...

She did?!? hahaha. XD Okay, one day when we meet up I'll do that. XD

Yah, pale pink lips with smokey eyes should be nice. :3 Thanks for the tip babe. <3

laura t said...

sherlyn: aww thanks dear :) thank you for always supporting me.. i don't know whether I told you this before but I always stalk your blog! haha.. i envy how sweet you look.. i can never look that sweet.. major <3!

heidi: yes she did! while i was make up-ing she took it and try it on lol. she looks hot and VAMPY too but she says it doesn't suit her.. lol.. I should try the pink lips look cause I can't be wearing red lips in broad day light.. later frightened people hahahaha..