Monday, November 30, 2009

haha some of u were wondering why my hair got incredibly long in a second ;P YES, i got myself extensions but they are clip ons ;P i was feeling a tad bit itchy that day so i purchase 2 long strips which covers the whole back of my head.. recomended? it depends.. but of course, i would prefer real hair rather than fake.. haha i shall upgrade later! baby steps.. baby steps..

maxee from Miss OCD

another one of my colorful days ;)

updates are due tonight and i have not started to upload them O.O drop by later if u have time loves! xo! ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I want to watch it ;) Grrr Rain is just so hot i am going to melt. And THIS is really weird because I normally do not blog about actors/singers/etc but this.. I have to do! ;))) *gives a crazy fan girl smile*

don't really like the bloodyness but damnnn that's one hot man!!

during training for the movie.. i read that he had a strict diet of chicken breast, sweet potato, salad and thats about it! his body fat dropped from 15% to 5%! imagine that!



i like this boyish cut ;) i always like boys to look like boys! not like some of those korean guys who look like girls -.-

ahhhh i can't wait! the movie is launching this THURSDAY!

:) I'm gonna book the tic NOW and pay NOW! I can't believe I'm this crazy.. :/ Can anyone identify with this madness?

Monday, November 23, 2009


sunday was yesterday..
and today is monday..
which means, back to work :|
oh well :)

i loveee this dress ;)
will be on sale at Miss OCD tmr..

christmas is coming :) can't wait!

Friday, November 20, 2009


today i woke up feeling adventurous! ;) wanted to go somewhere that i have never been BUT thanks to the rain, it total ruined my plan.. so ended up in 1u.. watched the christmas carol and it was pretty draggy and boring and they spoke in those olden english.. (yes! and its a cartoon, mind you..) darren kept yawning and i just kept telling myself it was gonna get better.. -.- adding on to the misery, we were both shivering -.- oh well, after that we ate donuts so all is well! ;P you guys should try mimi lolo or something like that.. its a flavour from big apple.. superrrr yummeh!

some random bags i spotted while playing around on polyvore..
the owl, yes, it is a bag.. haha..

outfit for the cold, windy day..

smoked purple dress - online
long cardigan (doesn't look long here..) - online
zippy booties - bangkok
bag - uk
necklace -upcoming miss ocd ;)
(which will be on sale in 2 more weeks..)

i heart this necklace a lotttttt ;) with its laced up netting on the gems and its random "sharpness" (not very sharp but looks changgih right haha..) when darren saw me today he was like WOAH what are u wearing?!?! HAHAHA :P I never fail to make him look in AWE when i go out with him..

oh and i had the WORST LUNCH EVER!!! The bolognese was ok but my carbonara tasted like BLACK PEPPER PASTA. I couldn't even feel the cheese and cream.. and the ham is tasteless! All i can taste is just.. Well, black pepper :( I was so disappointed because i was craving for it :| So I gobbled up some WRAPS which was major awesome and cost LESS than the pasta. Ironic -.-

I need more FLATS and wedges cause my feet is growing OLD and they need COMFORT
and the weird thing is my crocs have somehow SHRUNK :/ Hmm...

On a totally unrelated note, CHRISTMAS is coming in a months time! It's the season to be jolly! ;))) I looooove Christmas!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

do you dare?

do you dare?

Monday, November 16, 2009


one of the days to look forward to. why? first off, amazing breakfast. i either eat wan tan mee (which i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee so much) or i'd have super duper nasi lemakkk :D i always wake up feeling hungry like an OGRE and it makes me wonder if only i eat more, i can grow taller! :P i always complain i am hungry and my dad always gives me the "hungry again?" look and he thinks that i'm not eating properly :| then he starts nagging me. bah. daddys are like that :P anyways, sunday also means church so by 8am i have to squeeze myself out of bed and showerrrrr. routine routine routine. but i love it :) on a random thought, what's your favourite breakfast? my ex housemate loves cookie crisp and i don't understand why. koko krunch can win it anytime in my opinion :P sorry celine!

church outfit

I am selling this gorgeous studded bag tomorrow. it is NOT heavily studded but just enough to make a statement. i adoreeeee this bag to bits and couldn't help taking one for myself :D

right after church and lunch *yum!* i headed to pyramid to watch 2012 but it was SOLD OUT! :| so a bunch of us headed to summit and... SOLD OUT as well O.O So fine, we went to curve.. and we got outselves a 9.10pm show when it was only 3pm! -.- uh huh, i bummed in curve for so long. but thank god for IKEA haha.. seriously, anyone can kill time there..

afternoon - going out outfit
weeeheee noticed the i used the bag again? can't get enough of it..

body shop had some road show and i spotted this pink love shape bike.. hehe.. well, its PINK! so heck, cam whored a while.. :D

my current fave. bracelets :D

what a cute bed, with a leaf on top. like a katak :P

don't u just love IKEA?

the fella tidured there and to my surprised it was actually allowed -.- the workers walked past me so many times as i was trying to avoid eye contact just in case they scolded me (because i was sitting next to him..) but they didn't even bother to look..

what a day!
2012 was 2 hours and 40 mins long!

I reached home, dropped dead and zzzzzzz.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


hellow! :))

fringe vest from miss ocd
tee from sunburst kl
necklace from old blossom
drastic ripped jeans from miss ocd
studded glads from strawberries & tea
bracelet from uk and miss ocd
vintage sling bag from acouplesbird

overseas stocks have arrived :))
i are happy.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

oowh no

oowh noooo
my poor blog has not been watered enough :| sorry folks.. i'll try to update as often as i can :D:D:D 1st off, Miss OCD business talk a while (ahemmm..) overseas stocks are coming in tmr and i'm so so so so so so so so VERYYYYY excited! :) 2ndly, I think i'm blogging today cause I actually went out and DO something.. :D I met up with my high school mateys and spent the nite in with pizza, chicken wings, etc! :) and today i just went out to run errands.. Lol, it seems like I'm finding ANY excuse to dress a little nicer hehe.. Cause I'm soooo deprived! GAH!

tee from
slashed leggings from miss ocd
zippy peep toe booties from bangkok
bangles from miss ocd and uk
bag from acouplesbird

it was so hot yesterday.. the evening sun seems to be missing us since it seems to be raining cats n dogs every afternoon/evening and nite! So yesterday was one of those days where when you drive and the sun stares are you.

ahhh i missed you sun!
it was sooo glaring that i wore my sunnies on my glasses! hahaha, else i couldn't really see.. :P Can you see the weirdness?

haha, wierd or not? :P I had to! Else I would be squinting like anything -.-

i lub the teeeee very so muchie! these tee's are so comfy! you should get them at

subang jam. thats why i moved out from there :P

i did a little shopping cause i was in miss jessicas house and her house is full of potential sales! I kid you not. the other day i got 6 tee's from hometoomuch and this week alone.. i bought 6 rings from ring-apartment! O.O

click to enlarge

I was experimenting with FLASH! Hohoho :) Very nice kan? In the end i bought the "diamond" ring, umbrella, the "hi" ring, the "haha" ring, the apartment and the <3 ring. I almost bought 1 more ring. 1 ring a day ftw!

the rings were so entertaining.. you have no ideaaaaa.
i like the pig nose ring haha.. snort snort!

this is my haha ring. took it while waiting for the traffic light to turn green :D

visit and buy already! :)

Other than that, please leave comments (so thick skin i know but i love reading them!) hohoho. Miss OCD will be having fantabulous updates soon.. ;) I'll be shipping in stuff from overseas more often now.. So things are gonna be hot hot hot! Just like you you you.. Omg what is wrong with me? :|