Tuesday, April 20, 2010

just make you wanna...

things people do that you cannot do anything about

1. drive your car and get into an accident so now you're pretty screwed with a knocked up car
2. eat your chocolates that you trustingly put into the refrigerator only to wake up to no chocolate
3. discuss with your parents about insurance for you and now you have to sign the papers because "I have already talk to your father about it and he wants to get it for you" and when your daddy talks to you about it saying he will pay for you, you feel so bad and you end up paying for insurance you never wanted to get
4. blast the music so loud you were unable to tell someone in the same house that the mailman is honking at the front door and when you finally get to the front door to receive a parcel, the mailman is long gone

These are the ones that applies to me now.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a weekly update...

shoot! i really have to start blogging more.. :/

anyways, just a little update.. EUMORA has been working awesome! :D This is my 6-7 week using it and i'm using my 2nd soap!

current FB profile pica :)

had a little fun last weekend :)

was told by a friend I was on f21 which was @#R#$ for me because I was told by chictopia my picture would be used for an email blast.. little did i know.. hmmm :) thank you to chictopia!

my current obsession : HAREM + jumpsuits! i loveeee!

I just submitted this pic for WEARnesday :)

I promise i will blog more. My readers, please don't give up on me :D