Thursday, October 22, 2009

high school friends

yes, so most of them have lost out of touch. reality is reality. but these two just popped out of no where! ;) caryn's back from the uk and jee has always been around. the rest? all over the world :( you might recognize jee. she's the owner/founder/ceo or what not of theheyheyhey, ring apartment and home too much!

Jee and I go way back in secondary school. I wasn't very close to her but we were just hi and bye friends. During form 4, we were in the same class ;) And the memories were endless after that. Her donut fetish, famous sleeping off during class stunts, major randomness (think lying on the tar road to take pictures..) made her who she is. Fashion is her passion and I don't know anyone who is as lovable!

Caryn is loud, full of nonsense stories and quite OCD :) Knew her wayyyy back during form 1. She is famous for her pouty outy lips and little stunts! ;) My classmate in form 3 and my sitting partner. We kept each other companied all the time! We even went to the same tuition and it was supa supa fun. Ah, those were the days!


its been a while since we last cam-whored..

I was asking about jee's interesting looking shoe and she was explaining it to me.. :P

self timer is a genius!

that's cutie jee

we just had our dessert and I was experiencing overdose on sugar and jee's writing the comment card -.- she was protesting to bring back the high and mighty pie.

in the toilet with ryn

this is what we do best.

i wonder when will i ever see the other high school peeps again.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i'm not missing

i'm not missing
i know i have been away for quite sometime.. yes, i know.. but it's been a mad period for me.. but i hope to blog more often now.. :) Things have been quite hectic. Different period, different time. I just bought an accounting system a few months back and am now currently updating it (just so I don't get in trouble with the tax department..) And I have to dig up my accounting roots all over again.. and i have been taking so many risk i don't even know how i can sleep at night. but all is good. at least, turned out to be good (so far *cross fingers*) Thank you for all the support, love and trust to my fellow ocd-ers! I loveeee you all much much much! Here are some pictures that almost gone to waste if I hadn't find the time today to post it up :D

me wearing the howdy top from Miss OCD (1 last piece in yellow if you are interested), shoes are from strawberries and tea (hi janice! ;))

this is us in the toilet.. :)) before going to some bloggers event at jalan changkat,kl

attending a bloggers event which i totally FAILED because I was supposed to blog about DiGi birthday bash and I never found the time to execute it -.- I am so sorry Caryn Low and Auntie Wong! : That's rachel on the most left (you might recognize her from the 1st winner of fashionista in you :)), kaelynn (next to her) and next to me is ann na banana ;)

I loveeee the packaging for this vodka bottle. And guess what? The name of the bottle (drink) is GIRL VODKA. :) It actually is metallic in color!

Another boring blazer shot of me on a Sunday morning.. I love this blazer to death! ;)) Satin leopard lining ROAR!

And I watched G-FORCE in 3D.. Heh. Is it just me or do I not look incredibly round and happy?

That's about it. Ahhhh.. I'm so tired already. Geez, I need to find my motivation to blog again..


Oh! And I'm really looking forward to my girls nite out with the amazing jee and cutie caryn later. :) Ah! I need to charge my battery for my camera! YAY (If only I could be this excited about blogging..-.-) More Pictures coming soon! Wheeeeee...