Thursday, January 21, 2010

William So

so random! i got to know about this singer called william so.. and and and.. he reminded me of darren! so alike that its scary O.O

Now I know how Darren will look with round round specs + long hair haha

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

curly or straight?

project: curlyness or straightness?
firstly.. happy new year! i know i'm late but i have not found the time to blog yet. and i don't have resolutions :( i always tell myself to just do my best. think twice. be rational. and just have fun :)

2009 was great!
maybe i'll blog about it in my next post :D

back to the post..

some of you may know i recently had hair extensions. nope, not talking about clip ons. i'm talking about the real deal. i had them done permanently and it only can be removed in 1 year. so from shoulder length hair, now i've got long locks. they are layered of course or else it'll like like a dallop of hair stuck unto my head. so what is this post about? its a project i always wanted to do :) i always wanted to curl my hair but mom being mom forbid it because she said i'll look too mature and yada yda yada. but recently she has been asking me to go for body perm (some perm that makes your hair look more bootylicious ;)) cause i'm always complaining my hair is too straight and too thin and too fine and too this and that (i am never satisfied :( ) so i conciled jane (who has also recently curled her hair for fun! ;)) and she recommended me these few items to get!

on the left: hair spray (airy effect)
on the right: curling lotion

jane told me to get the one on the right
but i itchy and wanted the curls to stay longer so i bought hair spray

are these recomended? yup! they both smell really nice.. not like those stinko aerosol smell that you get when you pass the saloon.. :)

VS curler, 25mm, ceramic
adjustable heat from 1-15
super awesome!!! if your hair is thicker, you have to use the hotter setting.. for fine hair like mine.. 5-8 is enough. seriously! this baby is HOT! i burned my hand 3 times cause i accidentally touched it during curling :((

curling is very very easy. you can take a look at this video to help you :)

in the process, nearly finishing..

for me, i had a hard time cause my hair has 2 different lengths (due to the extensions..) so i had to slowly do the longs and shorts.. :( but eventually i got used to it..

what do you think???

do comment :)

excuse the noob-ness. it's my 1st time!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

awesome wedges!

they are here!

i love!

my mom calls my shoes the "going to war shoes"

she just doesn't get it -.-

if you were wondering why my sunnies look weird, its because i have specs underneath hehe :D