Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

that pre-butterfly feeling

hey all ;)

i can't believe it is wednesday already! most of all, i am so so so very excited about chic pop happening this saturday! wheeeeee.

truth is, i'm feeling nervous and excited

i actually made a list of what to do before the bazaar (so that i am ready) and also things to bring (just in case i forget something..)

for those who know me, i am one super forgetful nut.

*cross fingers*

do come and visit me babes! i am located in section A ;)

anyway, some updates..

at italianies, with some company..


this is amy ;) she bought the bombastic neon green shoes from miss ocd shoes ;)


Friday, May 21, 2010


hey all :)

here are some updates..

met with coursemates since sophia was in KL for an interview ;)

wearing the sweetest thing from miss ocd

my outfit to customs ;) finally cleared my 2nd shipment from batch 4
mini cooper tee is from clothesforfun!

watch - vintage
ring - f21

parrot ring - f21

floral sunnies - f21

went to see jezmine (finally!) in her boutique.
passed her shoes to her and had a little catch up


have an awesome week y'all

Thursday, May 20, 2010

fairy shoes!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

chic pop is here!

Yay :)) I got in!

Initially I thought they did not have any space left.. Thank goodness they emailed me this morning :))


I've always wanted to open a little stall in a bazaar..

CHIC POP, here I come :D

Do come by! I am sure you will have a blast from all the activities by TIC!

Here's a map for you..

See you there!

I have never been there.. I'll probably go there a few day before the actual date to check it out.. Also, I have already started to print my name card.. *excited!* Hopefully I can get some buntings printed too.. HMM..

Not forgetting, an update from Miss OCD tomorrow..

this is my personal favourite

very comfy! :D

do drop by!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

my friday

hey all!

How's everyone doingggg?

I had a great Friday yesterday. ACCEPT that I could not sleep :(

I came back from a coursemate gathering (again!) :) And I just could not sleep. Weirdness maximum.

I felt cold. Then hot. Then I felt like my mouth was burning -.- Weird much? I was all awake up till i don't know what time.. :/ All I remember was seeing the sky turn from night to day.

But it wasn't like I was sick.. Or anything.. I am perfectly fine.. -.-

So now I am pretty stoned


Few things to update.

I met Eric on Friday at MV to collect my BB cover and to mee up with coursemates.


what do you think?


i also heart my juicy couture theme. I just changed it today from my Hello Kitty theme. Downloaded it from BB App world a few weeks back.. I love the chioness of it. Why? Every time when I get a new SMS or a new Email, a diamond pops on the screen :D hehe. I know, it's dumb. But I love it!

1st time drinking green tea cream and i heart! :D

I normally drink Java Chips and Dark mocha frap.. But this is a whole new drink that spiced up my tastebuds! A definite must try! (Altho one of my coursemate stated it tastes like wasabi -.- forgive him, he had a long day..)

me with some of my coursemates..

I don't know why.. (maybe I am growing old..) I prefer drinking this and spending this on starbucks rather than booze. Now, when I get an invitation to go drinking. my face turns sour.


updated with accessories, bags and awesome flats!



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MSN and a new name card

Image Hosting by

before reading, we would like to announce that we will be on MSN! Add us at:



I just designed my new name card :)
*LOL don't expect much as I'm not a design student..*

Why so sudden?

Because people ask me all the time for it! AND my previous ones are all given away.. So.. Tadaaa!

(Finally after MUCH procrastinating..)

NEW design by me ;)

OLD design by heidi

Kudos to dearest Heidi :) She helped me with my 1st design and actually did a logo which I am still using up till today :D

So, which is better? OLD or NEW?

Speaking of Heidi, she just tagged me on FB!

she bought Luxury Shoes/Simply Simple in IVORY from Miss OCD ;)


Monday, May 10, 2010

my love!


When my mother saw me wearing this she went all crazy.

"WAH are you crazy?"
"You BETTER try and sell it.."

"You are crazy! Everyone will only look at your feet.."


My brother's reaction was only this..

"Erm.. A little much rightttt?"


My dad just smiled :)


For those who ordered Luxury Shoes for batch 4, your shoes have arrived..
Am packing them now as I blog :) will most prolly send it out on Wednesday (12 may)


Updates are up!



Sunday, May 9, 2010


pictures credit to mrhee :)

had a little gathering with some of my coursemates in mmu last saturday :)

i miss those times i went to class, skipped class, waking in the scorching sun in cyberjaya, woke up at 12,1,2,3,4,5,6 in the afternoon, ate maggi goreng, had mad load of assignments, endless presentations, weekly group assignment meetings...


a bittersweet university experience..


currently am busy with updates for the coming week :)

stay tuned!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sway day

super sway day yesterday..

It all started when I was watching GLEE yesterday. I streamed 3 episodes overnight (Yes I am crazy like that..) So in the morning while I was watching it, my electricity got cut! O.O My dad told me that TNB sent a letter saying it will be cut on 5th May till 7pm! (It was only around 11am at that time..) :/

I started sweating. It was hot beyond words! So I took a bath and went for a movie marathon ;)


my sandal snapped! -.-

OMG -.- Thank goodness I had a spare pair in Darren's car. So I was wearing it while walking around Pyramid.. AND....


The shoe started to act up! It started breaking from the bottom.. I was frantic and started to think of what to do.. :/

I was looking for a nice pair of shoes in the mall with a "going to die" shoe (it looked pretty bad.. looked like it was going to give out soon) and I caught a glimpse of VINCCI! Haha..

Bought myself a pair of maroon flats. Very very pretty. And so happen VINCCI had a 20% discount on all shoes..

Here are my new found shoes :)

rm35 after discount :)
sigh, like I didn't have enough shoes already -.-

You should have seen my mom's face when I told her what happened. She was mostly not very happy I had another paid of shoes.. And I thought she would sympathize with me for my sway day..

Other than that, the day went by quite nicely :)

enjoyed my BBQ Plaza :)

went to SASA to claim my free gift

this mask (5 pieces in 1 box) cost rm55.90!)
MAD! lucky I got it FOC :D

And I watched 2 movies :)

Ice kacang puppy love
(Thumbs up! You should watch it)


The losers!
(a very funny movie as well.. ;))


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It has been a while since i posted any outfit pictures. Since I got myself a blackberry, I rarely carry out my camera anymore (although I have to admit that the quality of pictures on BB is quite saddening :( ) I really need to get a new camera because my current one has gone cuckoo! I am currently using Canon IXUS 8015. Hmmm, I smell an upgrade coming up :D

denim highwaisted shorts : miss ocd
black wedges: miss ocd
off white studded bag: miss ocd
floral belt: ugly duckling
tank top: some random shop

gaga headband: miss ocd
gold watch: vintage
bracelet: UK
tank top: some random shop
highwaisted jeans: miss ocd
floral bag: ugly duckling
shoes: miss ocd


My BRTC Whitening and Wrinkle Repair arrived 3 weeks ago :) I am lovinnnn it! Why? I really don't know how to explain but it is very easy to use. Because my face is dry at the T-zone, this BB cream really helps me because it's in liquid form. Thus, it doesn't make my skin look dry anymore. Now, my skin is more radiant, porcelain liked and a photographer commented my face was glowing (not in a hideous kinf of way! ;P) A definite recommendation!

A friend previously told me BB cream is NOT good and doctors are against it yadayadayada, but I beg to differ. This BB cream is a life saver and it only takes a few seconds to apply it. Some say you can use it as a moisturizer as BB cream has SPF and moisturizing extracts. As for mine, this BRTC whitening and wrinkle repair has no SPF which is good in a way because I tend to go out at night and a lot of flash photography is used. Apparently if your foundation has SPF, they then to make your face ghostly white! So this BB cream is very night friendly.

Things to like:
  1. Smells great
  2. Good coverage
  3. Can be carried anywhere! Mine is 50ml
  4. Moisturizes skin nicely
Where did I get it? The lady selling it attached a name card with my BB cream. Here it is:

At the time I bought it she was having a super duper promotion. Not sure if it is still ongoing but do check her out. She is a very nice buyer and replies my SMS very fast.

This is not an advert by the way.
Just thought of sharing :D


Some outfit pictures from customers who tagged me on facebook :)

fyz hilda wearing summer dress from miss ocd

ann na wearing flats and bag from miss ocd

cecilia wearing alice in mustardland skirt from miss ocd

sherlyn carrying a mini tweed doctorbag from miss ocd

If you girls have any more photos to share with me, do send them! I don't know why but I feel very happy (and touched -.-) when I receive outfit pictures or get tagged by my customers. Give me a warm feeling that you girls actually wear what you buy hehe :D

That's all for today.
Time to eat my koko crunch


no i am not dead..

Hey all :)

I revamped my blog.. Hopefully I will be more semangat to blog now hehe. I am truly excited because I know I have been slacking like anything.. I will be posting something new everyday *promise!* (Even if it's just a word that inspired me :))

Also, I started polyvore-ing again :)
kitty by Miss OCD featuring Philippe Audibert jewelry