Friday, August 28, 2009

ripped boyfriend jeans


Who says only skinnies are in? ;) Do you dare?

It's saturday!!!

*IF you love the jeans, email me :) Coming soon at Miss OCD :) (psst! they are not jeans with gutters.. But actual jeans with sizes :) available from sizes 25-29. Selling very fast of the record!)*

Wearing: Ripped studded shirt from Miss OCD, Boyfriend destroyed jeans from Miss OCD (COMING SOON!), Awesome heels from Kiss and Tell, Fedora from Flea Market, Bag from UK

I LOVE the destroyed effect :) and a peekaboo to the legs are a definite must! ;)

Going to have dinner later with the boysssss.. Cause Kaelynn is too busy to layan me :( Have you ever experience everyone rejecting to go out when you are FREE and when you are busy, everyone is asking whether you are FREE to go out? *raise hands* BAH. Anyway, dinner with the boysss sounds good too :)

just outfit pictures

The kid in me :)

warming up to camera.. *shy*

warmed up :)

wearing: backless playsuit from Miss OCD, bracelet from Q-losophy, flappy tappy bag from pumpkin, super cute ruffle shoes from Old Blossom and sunnies from F21

LOVE the shoes! Thanks Jezmineeeee!


please tell me i don't look like a kid here haha :P

it was getting dark so i dragged my photographer to faster take a pic! :P

all smiles :)

Wearing: casualicious outer layer from Miss OCD, inner yellow tank (I got tanked) by Miss OCD, acid washed jeans from Bangkok, awesome hobo bag from UK, lace up heels from Pumpkin, long gold butterfly necklace from UK, bracelet from Q-losophy


It's been such a movie week! Watched 3 movies and I am content :) *happy* This was because I missed my massage sessions for 2 weeks in a row and I told myself I have to make up for the lost of pampering myself hahaha.. Excuses.. :P

Thursday, August 27, 2009



gucci babouska studded boston bag

Saturday, August 22, 2009

sunday love

last pair in size 4 and 7 ladies ;) *click*

i love!


today is Sunday. and Sunday is church day :)

i love my cropped lace top from ugly duckling. this is all i want to wear! everywhere :)

excuse my small eyes. it was 8+ in the morning *yawn*

wearing: cropped lace top with bow from ugly duckling, stone wash ripped skinnies from stockist, awesome colorful glads from kiss and tell (i love love love this shoes to bitssss!), bangle from q-losophy, bag from uk

today is sunday. sunday is love.

love=rest :)

need to recuperate before the week begins which means busy busy for me!

Friday, August 21, 2009

new shoes

Miss OCD has updated :) *click*

the shoes are not for sale but the skinnies are! wheeee! my new shoes! *happy*

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Love much?

happy happy me! this is my third shoe this week itself -.-

The shoes will be available at Miss OCD tomorrow :) Love em' much? Email me! Selling below RM60! Total steal lovessssss!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


yamcha with shopping kaki's!

carol bella lolita, nadia pumpkin and jezmine old blossom box

With endless of stories, shoes, etc etc etc. A night filled with endless laughter (my cheeks were literally sore from laughing okay..) It was fun! Wearing ugly duckling's crop lace top, ugly duckling floral handbag with red shorts.. AND I'm wearing my new shoes!!! (scroll scroll!)

:))))) These babies arrived safely from US already! :D

Finally something in my size! :))) *happy happy* Stay tuned for more awesome updates this FRIDAY, 21st Aug (tomorrow!)

Okay, now time to take some OCD new arrivals. TA!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

a floral day

a floral day

dress from ugly duckling
handbag from ugly duckling
shoes in 1st pic from hat yai
shoes in 2nd and 3rd pic from times square
floral sunnies from forever 21
gold bulky chained bracelet from uk

*I need flats.. comfortable ones.. in black, white and tan..-.-*


I heart:

so flowery! >.<>

thank you :)

tengah fat hao in the car :) the box on my lap is a jewellery box :D

HAHA. Someone felt left out :D

This is the beginning for more to come.. AHEM

More to come seriously..


I had such a tiring day yesterday -.- When I came back home last night, I wanted to drop asleep on my bed but my strong willed self told me NO! (ahem...) Not to mention I missed Pumpkin and Old Blossom's update (ZZZZzzzzzz..) :( So I went and pack all the packages to be sent on Monday and only then I dropped dead... O.O

I can't wait for it to get long again.. No more weird curls or whatever.

Today is Aug 17 and it's Alan Melon's Birthday! Happy Birthday Alan Melon! :D

Don't work so hard okay :P

On a totally random note, HILTON has a bestest bestest bestest (wait, is there such a word?) The choco cake is awesome! My mom bought 2 whole cakes last 2 weeks and she brought home 2 more last night O.O Hellow fatness baby!

Ok now I feel like playing Sims 3! Wheeeeee~

Monday, August 10, 2009

i am selling off...

prices are negotiable but be reasonable.
Finally I'm selling off my purchases! :) All items are brand new except for ONE which was only worn once before.. Everything is in superb condition :) email: if you are keen :) These items are all sold out in the blog shops mentioned.. So this is your only chance to grab em'! :)

Item 1) Cat's Creation: Hand in Every Cookie Jar (withdrawn by me :))

never worn, material not as shiny in the picture
too short for me (back slit reveals my arse -.-)
very very gorgeous, what a waste!
strictly uk4-8 only (waist maxx 26")
for more pica's click HERE

Pit-to-Pit = 17inch
Waist = 12.75inch
Hips = 17.25inch
Length = 28.25inch
Material: Polyester

bought from cat in the bowl at rm62
price offer: rm62+4 (pos express) = rm66


Item 2) Cutesy scallop heels
size 35, never worn before
too small for me
would fit a size 3 better

bought for rm55 from old blossom box
price offer: rm55+6 = rm61 with poslaju


Item 3) Studded Headband

bought at rm7
never worn before (never even tried on..)

bought from old blossom box at rm7
price offer: rm7+rm4 (pos express) = rm11


item 4) acid wash skirt

never worn before
strictly fits waist 24-25 only

bought from old blossom at rm35
price offer: rm35+4 (pos express) = rm39


Item 5) Dress with vest

never worn before
accessories not included
vest and dress comes together

bought from: old blossom box at rm40
price offer: rm40+4(pos express) = rm44


Item 6) Jumpsuit with lace and drawstrings

worn once
fits uk6-10

bought from old blossom box at rm55
price offer: rm45+4 (pos express) = rm49


item 7) satin peplum dress with lace details

never worn, too big for me
recommended for uk10 girls
smoked behind
for more info, click HERE

bought from velvet ribbon at rm49
price offer rm49+4 (pos express) = rm53

Sunday, August 9, 2009

ohmygawd i graduated!

ohmygawd i graduated!

throwing the hat is a must!

thank you to the CF-ers!

This is my bro and I :

ok, a more decent one ;)


ann na banana


*I have so many photos but this were the ones tagged on facebook..I'm so lazy and my photographer has not burnt the CD for me..*

I would like to start by thanking my photographer Khairul! He's been awesome and crazy -.- At one point my aunt thought he had a crush on me hahahahha.. ANYWAY, to view his portfolio, click HERE.

After 4 long hard years in MMU, I can finally said I have survived all the nonsense it has put me through. As some may know MMU is a university which is semi-private and they really drill you with tonnes of assignments, midterms, quizes and presentations. My whole degree I have accumulated 129 credit hours with having 16 subjects on an average every year.. I don't know how I survived the madness but I did it! I would like to thank my faculty mates: Shea, Tca, Keat Yee, Sophia... For creating the crazy memories.. From shopping to random outings.. To taking pictures by the beach.. The time we fought with the Faculty because they did not let us take a final subject.. The day we had to meet the dean to settle typical MMU problems.. The days we skipped class, slept in class, ate in class.. Did assignments till we cried because we were so tired.. Did the enzyme project (going green), went swimming! saved me from my accident, prom, carpools, "jogging" hahahahhaha.. And to my marketing mates: You guys have been great! To my foundation mates in Malacca, I did not bumped into any of you during the convo but I really wish you all the best in whatever you do.. My foundation days were priceless because of all of you.. And to my fellow friends in Malacca, you guys are great! Especially to the ones in CF, you guys are the reason why I gained 5 kg's in my whole year in Malacca! Hahahaha..

So nostalgic I wanna cry -.- I've an interview tomorrow and I don't know about it.. When I got the call, I was happy but inside me I felt a tinge of sadness.. Cause I trully enjoy being Miss OCD.. Changes changes changes.. We'll see how it goes from here..

To all of you who came, thank you thank you thank you :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A durian saturday
Yeay! Yesterday had DURIANS with the family.. ;) It was awesome. I always look forward to the weekends because of this.. ;)

My dad with Uncle Durian ;)

So kecik, so cute!

nyum! The smell was fuhhhhh ;D I loike!
HAHAHAHAHA :D:D:D:D When I asked my dad to take this picture he went, "Haaa? What for? With Durians also want to take picture?" My dad must be thinking that his daughter is so sillyyyyy..

Oh wait, did I mentioned that I LOVE DURIANS? :P

my 4 aunt's with the grandmama! (Look at the one at the most right.. That's my mother -.-"

*wipes saliva*

HAHA. This picture is so funny!!! My aunt who is wearing red was already eating her third durian and the other aunt in white was saying she has not even eaten HALF of her 1st durian.. And my grandmama didn't layan them at all.. -.-

Next morning: It's Sunday today! Woke up at 8am -.- Went to church!

black hoodie with gold rings from Sg Wang
white zipped & ripped skinnies from Miss OCD
Awesome heels from Online
Bangle from UK
Bag from UK

Anddddd.. GUESS what I had for breakfast? Guess from the pic below!!!

TADA! Nasi Lemak! :D


My mum and dad, digging into their breakfast too ;)

Ahhhhh.. Don't you just love the weekends?
I know I do :)