Monday, April 27, 2009

2nd Update!

picture credited to:
A second update is due on Tuesday night at 8pm girls! Yes! A second update is in store with more stuffs from Miss OCD!!!

Date: 28 April 2009
Time: 8pm

Stay tuned for more more more cinchers! AND fun lovin' tee's as well as lazy long ones too! :D

Miss OCD

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fashion Loft

Hey girls! Prom updates will be very soon! (no time to edit the pictures etc :/) BTW, Lynn from Fashion Loft is bringing back goodies from none other than the UK baby! The bags that she is selling on the blog is very cantik.. My fav is the studded sling bag... Teeheehee! The material is exactly the same as the soft PU leather that is SOLD in topshop that cost a bomb!!! She's only selling it a tiny fraction :) She will be updating from time to time on her UK finds! So stay tuned and keep going back to her site and for now, do head down to her blog asap to place your order for the awesome bags!!!! :D


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

minumlah ribena

at 8am in the morning
minumlah ribena! hohoho. random.


Gingham flutter top: Miss OCD
Jeans tights: Miss OCD
Shoes: Clothesbucket & Honey-Pumpkin
Cincher: Nichii
Bag: Hat Yai, Thailand
Bracelets: Miss OCD & Q-losophy
Telephone Necklace: Miss OCD

See my telephone? :D:D:D Telephone berbunyi ring ring ring.. :/

I had a marketing research paper at 8am today and it was such a bummer. My marketing research lecturer is the HARDEST lecturer to please in my whole entire year in MMU. Seriously, she needs some sugar, spice and everything nice.. Oh and I got 81/110 marks for my french midterm. Damn char okay -.-" PROM is in 2 days time! Yippy yay yay! :D and I'll be going to Nadia Pumpkin's house after that to collect my glossy pants! Can't wait! :D:D:D:D:D:D

and and and..

I'll be seeing Celine this FRIDAY too!!!! (Celine's my ex roomie, she graduated already...) She's taking a half day off to teman her dearest Bakgua (that's me!) Hehe.. Don't ask me why I'm her Bakgua.. Long story, I'll save it for a rainy day okay? Hehehehe..

Can't wait can't wait!

HAHAHA and one more highlight of my day.. Tharan told me he dreamt of me.. -.- (Tharan's my ex colleague back in the days when we were DiGi Ambassadors) He's dream goes like this..

Tharan: Laura, I dreamt of you yesterday
Laura: Lol okay. What happened this time..?
Tharan: We were working for ______ <-- Boss's name (name shall not be revealed)
Laura: What the..
Tharan: And then he screwed us and asked us to finish the project by tonight..
Tharan: So while we were working.. someone delivered KFC to us..
Tharan: Then I asked you which part of the chicken you want and you said drumstick
Tharan: So I took 2 drumsticks for you..
Tharan: Then you said you were tired and you will be heading back..
Tharan: So you left.. Then I continued to work..
Tharan: Then suddenly I felt thirsty and went to the fridge to get some water..
Tharan: And when I opened the fridge.. there was no water.. only big bottles of MILK all over
Tharan: I was damn thirsty and I don't like drinking milk.
Tharan: Then I tried to call you.. but no answer..
Tharan: Then I wanted to go home.. But I was locked in the office..
Tharan: Called you again but no answer..
Laura: Lol what kind of dream is that man.
Tharan: Ya man.


I LOVE MMU! You get to meet all kinds of people.. Some people that you thought you'd never meet.. You actually end up being real friends! :D
Tharan and I : 2 years back :)

There's not only Tharan and Celine.. But a whole bunch more! :D:D:D From the people in CF, to my Marketing mates.. to Faculty mates.. to other faculty mates! And not forgeting the people who have worked along side me in Yellow Army. Hehehehe :D Ah, I'm so full of love right now :D:D:D


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Black Blazer: Miss OCD
Velvet Polkadotted Tunic: Wussytoots
Black Basic Shorts: Sg Wang
Brown Awesome Oxfords: Honey Pumpkin
Vintage Brown Sling: Acouplebirds
Shades: Forever 21
Banglessss: Q-losophy

Q-losophy has officially launched guys! (But not the full one yet.. ;) ) Stay tuned for more accessories and baju's from ABROAD baby!) Seriously, you will NOT regret it :D I saw a few baju's and I went wowowoweeeee :D But I feel bad for hogging everything so I'm gonna let you guys grab it! Heh (And also I've spent enough POUNDS already.. -.- *Quiet*) I keep telling myself that but I find myself surfing and blog shop hopping.. WHY am I like that -.- Marketing Research Exam is tomorrow.

Je ne sais pas, je ne sais pas.... Je haïr passer un examen. J'ai du mal à me concentrer. Travailler dur? Oui? Non? Je juste souhait il a fin. Je meurs d'envie de partir en vacances!!! c'est, j'ai très faim :/ Trop le jogging.. :D


Monday, April 20, 2009


Kaelynn of Fashion-Loft has officially left to UK today.. Right now, she's prolly going thru the pain of flying (she feels nausea..) Gonna miss youuuuuu :D

Hehehe. And I exchanged pounds today so that she can shop for me while she's there happy holiday-ing while I suffer with finals.. FAIR what :D According to Adeline in UK there is SALES in UK now.. Woot.. Spring/Summer Sales!!! Hehe. Can't wait till she gets back in JUNE! When I'm so done with EXAMS and officially graduated! YAY!

Ah I'm so greedy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

7 reasons why i love the weekends
1st: I get to see my family
2nd: It's the weekend and I get to go home and eat home cooked food!
3rd: Most of my online purchase deliveries are sent to my home address thus the weekend means me going home to see and try them on and be HAPPY!
4th: I get to dress up! (I'll explain why later)
5th: To me, weekends means chillax :D I'll only ber stress stress on weekdays. Personal policy. Don't ask me why :P
6th: I can watch all the series/movies I want
7th: SLEEP (ok, not really. I'll explain why later)

I did NOT go home this weekend. Sad sad sad. Partly because I had some work to do... But I miss going home.. Eating yummy food (it's almost maggi, indo mee, dominos, tons of fast food, bread.. etc here :( ) So I could not see if my parcels has reached from ugly duckling and velvet ribbon :( and I can't wait!!! BUT next week.. sigh, not sure if i can go home either :( ANYWAY, why can't I dress up in MMU?

1st: MMU is on a HILL which means... sometimes if you have classes in 1 different faculties.. you have to walk.. and MMU is huge (ok, not as huge as UPM, UKM, blablabla but definitely if you walk a lot in your little heels you're feet are gonne hurt.) SO.. I pretty much wear my crocs to classes.. Or if I'm extremely lazy.. I just wear my flip flops :/

2nd: No short skirts allowed (cannot be above your knees) LOL. And I happen to not own any skirts that are below my knees :/ Because I look short. Nuff' said.

3rd: No sleeveless. I know I know it's quite mengader :/ I'm very heat sensitive and very weather oriented.. So I happen to be a fan of sleevless tops! But noooo, MMU has a rule and if I'm caught not abiding to it by a security guard, I get a fine.. YES a FINE! If I'm not mistaken.. It's rm50? or was it rm20 :/ And you have to pay up all your saman's before you grad or else you can't grad.. (They can track your records with your ID card.. :/)

And about sleep... I'm not those kind that wake up at 5pm : Partly cause this few last semesters has been crazy on me. Everyday I've got a morning class.. 8am, 9am ALMOST everyday.. And I sleep latest at 1am (haha such a nerd right..) and my body alarm clock wakes me up around 9am latest. :P

So today.. While everyone was sleeping (haha..) I went to ACTS church cyberjaya ALONE lol. Darren could not wake up (called him like 100000000 times) and Ann Na was sick :(

Church Outfit!
(Yay I get to wear my skirt!)

White satin ruffle turtleneck : From Sg Wang
Grey stripped poofy skirt : From Miss OCD
Gladiator Heels : From Honey Pumpkin
Mom's vintage bag : From Vintage Pierre Cardin Paris


Shoes I adore!
(Yay for flats!!! :D)


So cheap if I were living in the US :/

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I went to Absolute Bazaar today :D Nothing much. Bought myself a 3 in 1 cosmetic bag which I think I really need because my make up bags are so teeny weeny.. So yeah.. Now I got 3 cosmetic bags (They can fit inside one another! Heh uber cute!). 1 bag for accesorize, 1 for make up.. and one more for outstation (to put shampoo, cleansear and those kinda stuff..) So back to Absolute Bazaar.. It was SOOO MUCH BETTER than the previous 3K bazaar because THAT was too crammed.. This time round there were less vendors, less heat and less people bumping into each other :/ Now, you can even dance :D

Anyways, I met Pearl (Bunny Noo's Owner) and I'm soo sorry Pearl I was too stoned to layan you cause I was like half dazed.. I think.. Heh. I'm like that. I need to warm up -.- And I seriously did not know that this Pearl I've been dealing with (cause she bought a few stuffs from me..) is actually the owner of Bunny Noo.. Hehe :D I wanted to buy her high waisted skirts cause they were RED! Like blood red! But it was rm50 -.- I would have bought it if I had updates this week tho.. But I do not.. :/ Anyways..

Today's Outfit

Cute monster tank top : A gift from my auntie
Studded Miu Skirt : Miss OCD
Gladiator Flats : From an online boutique (I forgot which..)
MOM's Vintage Sling bag : Pierre Cardin Paris
Studded Square Bracelets : Q-losophy

I'm lovin' my Square Studded Bracelet from Q-losophy!
(the 4 comes together.. 1 of them are studded! Major LOVE)
*Q-losophy has not launched yet..

ME! Heh :/
My hair has gotten so long already.. The 2nd time i trimmed it short was 1 day before CNY.. And now my hair is longggggg.
This was during CNY this year. See the difference? Its ok if you don't.. But before I changed to short hair.. I looked like this..
I'm the one one the most left fyi :P This one confirm can see difference :P

Prom is THIS friday baby!
And I got MUET exam at 7.30am the day after prom.. As in SATURDAY okay. So potong stim OMG -.-

(nevermind.. I reallllly need MUET to graduate by the end of MAY!)

Oh did I tell you guys about my MUET story?

Ok, so this is how it goes.. Me being me did not take it during my foundation studies back when I was studying in Malacca.. Back then MUET exam costs rm90! So I tension at that time.. I thought if I did not take MUET exam at that time that I was DOOMED (damn stupid I know) Then I freaked out to my brother and he told me I can take MUET whenever as long as I take it before I graduate.. So me being me again.. So oblivious.. I totally forgot to take it!!! And I was freaking out last year because I seriously wanted to graduate and it'll be so stupid if i could not graduate JUST because of MUET. So I prayed and prayed and an opening was made last year DECEMBER and I heard the forms run out really quickly.. So I kiasu.. The next day I woke up at 9am and lined up to buy the form.. And to my horor there was a freaking long line okay.. And yay I got to buy the form.. (Which was now only rm40! Hahah I save rm50 yo) So now.. I HAVE to take my MUET. No saying.. "next time lar..." :P

Moral of the story: Please take MUET at every chance you got or not you're gonna have to wake up at 7.30am on SATURDAY the day after YOUR final year prom. HAHA. I'm so bitter.

Friday, April 17, 2009


pictures credit to

i've never been so stressed-out before.
On a totally unrelated note: Congrats to Shea and Billy for making it to the final round of prom queen and king nominees! :D:D so proud for the both of youuu! :D woot! and i'm proud of myself for nominating these two :D:D:D (altho i was not short listed, but it's ok :)) win for me kay!? haha. i know i don't sound stress but i am! :(

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

shopping day - alamanda

Introducing: my 2 new wrist friends! :D:D:D
this was bought last friday

this one arrived just yesterday! thanks to shevin who dropped by cyber before leaving to china :) *hopefully there are more goodies from china! :P*

Random: I woke up today and thought, "I should go alamanda today because I need spank pants" (no, they are not pants you wear when you're about to get spanked..) So i text Atticca to ajak her out to see if she needs anything for prom (which is 2 weeks away!) And then we asked Shea and hohoho a girls outing it is! Yay :) So we headed to Alamanda Putrajaya.

Oh btw spank pants are pants you wear to give u a trimmer butt haha :P lol I know I'm vain. So before hunting for cosmetics and my spank pants haha we makan at A&W! Did you know they had a new packaging?

Atticca with her Rut Beer with Float!

Me at the ATM line :)


monster cartoon tank top was a gift from my auntie
super comfy high waisted weird poofy skinny pants from bangkok
flats from crocs
both bracelets from q-losophy
wallet from f21
bag from lv

with Shea :)

We're gonna have a shoot for prom queen nominees for the prom later at night! (what to wear.. what to wear..) lol. damn thick skin right, but oh well, it's my final prom I'm soooo allowed to be thick skined!

and i just realised that a few of my final exam papers fall on a Saturday :/ Why is MMU like that? Sighhh. So Miss OCD's updates will be put on halt by the middle of May :(

the day ended with me NOT buying any spank pants.. I bought a corset instead ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

my current obsessions:
how to? just go to and search for topshop or you can scroll at the bottom to find the topshop tags.

i'm a sucker for this pastel pink combo! the shoes are LOVE!

i can already picture myself in this outfit!
purple + pink combo I LIKE!
Awww! the shorts! the shorts! the shorts!

A casual peplum outfit! :D I heart peplum skirts! They're so cute okay.

more PEPLUM!

HOHOHO lace frenzy! I love the necklace. If only I know where to get those :/


summering by veluxx featuring Forever21 earrings
this one here reminds me of my ex roomate: Celine :P

desert weaver

I love this! So casual and simply chic and the shoes are so pretty

London: Catwalk to Curb

I LIKE! Velvet ribbon has a similar top that is something like that :)
all these are labeled under topshop :)

So then I clicked on the tag labelled "indie" What is Indie anyway? According to polyvore, THIS is indie. It's pretty damn hot too :P

Her imperfections are what make her beautiful.

Her imperfections are what make her beautiful. by Samara996 featuring Betsey Johnson earrings
gives a certain edge too, don't you think?

Open up your skull...I'll be there
Open up your skull...I'll be there by Alex Poesy - very busy featuring Forever21 belts
wowowee to the skirt! (haha i'm such a skirt fanatic these days..) the fur vest gives the indie feel :)

I think this is beautiful :)
I think this is beautiful :) by KAMILKA on
they both look so wrong but so right.. don't know how to say.. :)

Oh, and if you have a question on HOW to wear a studded vest, CLICK HERE. Credits to Polyvore :)

Don't you just LOVE Polyvore? ;)

Daddy's 60

MY weekend :)

I noticed in a few previous posts I kept commenting about the weather. But how can I not? The weather is so weird lately. For instance (haha, here I am talking about the weather again..) I drove back to cyber after church and the rain was so heavy! All the cars on the elite highway was driving at 60 MAXX and some of them on their stupid hazard lights like tokyo fast and furious. THEN.. I reach Cyberia and the CARPARK was flooded! YES. FLOODED -.- So I was like.. Thank goodness I'm on the highest shaded car park.. But noooo. My floor was flooded too! :/ How can like that? And nevermind.. was wearing crocs so it was all good.. But then when I reach my apartment floor.. and I see my window a wee bit opened I was shocked cause I remembered I sealed it shut when I left -.- And the curtains were SOAKED. Luckily my room and computer was not wet. Why why why why. Oh well.

The weekend was really busy for me. Not a lot of time to really chillax. 1st things 1st, Lynn and I met up with Shevin who just got back from BANGKOK btw (yes everyone! please stone her.. haha) I'm so jealous of her! Some pictures from the outing..
Shevin and Lynn of Fashion Loft
Me and my teacup! The tea cup set at Garden 1u is so cantik kan? :)
So beforehand I already asked Shevin to bring the accessorizes that she was going to sell online for her NEW online boutique.. (She will be featured soon!) Hehehehe :D I could not wait for the opening ceremony cause she's going to China this week already :( And she already showed me some pictures she took so it's so giler potong stim if she leaves me hanging :P So I begged her to price her stuff the night before we met and result is, i bought 4 stuffs from her! Haha. I'm such a shopping glutton -.-

presenting: my 4 bangle(s)

The quality is awesome thus I had a great price to pay! But I don't mind. I always prefer quality stuffs rather than cheapo stuffs that suddenly fails you when you need them the most.

And the next day was DADDY's Birthday so I made sure I got home before 12am! :D:D:D My daddy is 60 this year! Hohoho :D


This is my DAD :) Back when he graduated from UM

My dad is really random one. Like look at this picture.. He's wearing a turban.. HAHA

This is my DAD now :)Ohhh. And he likes to camwhore ;)

So the 2 brothers and I decided to bring him to MAKAN at Jaya 33 at Oriental :) It's this really nice Chinese restaurant. Good food and great value :)

Daddy & Mummy

and their little dot :)


Lazy top from Summit (bought this sooo long ago), Acid Wash jeans from Bangkok, Heels from Bangkok, Bracelet from Q-losophy, LV Bag

This is my 2nd brother and my mama. Taken while waiting for my eldest brother to arrive. People always say I look older than my 2nd brother but who can blame them? Look at him.. look so young like kiddo -.-

this is my japanese gummi chocolates that I bought from 1u yesterday :) I finished them in 1 day okay -.-

there was this super cute baby at the side of our table. In the 1st picture she is sucking her feet so you can't really see her face.. 2nd picture was her stoning a while.. haha and the 3rd is the cutest! She's SOOO CHUBBY!!!! Like her cheeks are overwhelming the cheek space so her mouth cannot close.. THAT CHUBBY okay.. :) So cute can't tahan!

tada! so chubby right? :) beh tahan.

Ok. Non halal post coming up. Heh. This is what we all ate!

Siu yuk! :) Very awesome! Eat this with the mustard sos given! Yum!

Chee Cheong Fun! With Prawns inside ;)

Herbal Soup!

They also served the Pork used to boil the soup. It was NOT out of taste but tasted very very good :) This is the stomach. I normally go EWWWWW cause of the terrible smell and all but this one was cooked so incredibly well that it was so yummy and no tummy smell! :D

Cod Fish :)

Pork meat with brinjal :)

Dimsum dish number 2! Inside of the fried skin is PRAWNS! :D

Dimsum dish number 3! Prawns inside too! :D

I'm so sorry if you were hungry while looking at this post.. :/

Then in the evening I met up with Jezmine to pass her the shoes and skirt she ordered! :) And also to collect the necklace I ordered from her :)

Mt perspex necklace from old blossom box

My recent buys would be this dress from ugly duckling :) It's too gorgeous to resist! :)

And was diggin up some old pictures and I found this..

The three of us and.. Me being the youngest and only girl always kena bullied.. See that my 1st bro is trying to put a tanduk on my head.. And I dunno what Lenard is doing behind me.. :/

Oh well :)

Miss OCD will be updating tonight (12 April) with LACE dresses! :) Stay tuned!