Saturday, January 10, 2009

happy new year!

ah exams are finally over and done! :)

1st of, this is my 2nd wedding in 2009! Altho' 2009 has only begun.. but hey, love is in the air ;)
This is my 1st every Malay wedding and it was a little weird as I was soooo used to chinese weddings! but oh well, the food was nice and it all came out so fast! not like those chinese weddings where the dishes come out 1 by 1 and by the time the 3rd dish is out, you're so sooo full due to the wait :/

congratulations sue and azlan ;)
(no pics yet as my cam died before the ceremony began :/)

the big present given by all of us!

this is what i wore ;)
Dress is from Pumpkin

kaelynn and I

alan and kaelynn

cupcakes omg! and fruit cake is in the box :)

2nd: 1st wedding of the year
(uh huh they got married on the 1st of jan 2009!)

congatulations to kevin and agnes!


during the journey in ken corn's car. yes, he has a few little soft toys in his car. this patrick was too cute to resist a picture by me! ;)

and kenny say, "this is ducky with hour glass figure -.-"

ann na and I after the ceremony ;)

I'm wearing: The Old Blossom Box Store pussybow top, high waisted mini from Cat in a bowl, LV bag and headband from bazaar

Ann Na's wearing: Polka dot cutesy dress from Superrolling

thats all the pictures i have tho.. send me some if you have any!

3rd: oh! did i mention i just turned 21? hee ;)

happy birthday to me!

kaelynn & sabrina threw this surprise thingy for me and omg i was sooooo surprised! thank you thank you thank youuuu! major love! ;) altho' i wasn't really in a celebrating mood by it made my night! <3

ashley and ann na waiting for me to arrive.

thank you all for coming!


cut cake ;)

of sunflowers and butterfly kisses

Monday, January 5, 2009

okay, so she doesn't look like that all the time.. :P

so gonna get killed, i know.
babe, do you know I even have this pic? lol.

this is how she normally looks like..
minus the halo, of course (:

we've been through lots of fun. the times we were pretty active in the night life..

where i couldn't tell it was monday or tuesday. or was it friday and saturday? i was stoned at work every Friday because we just wanted to have fun -.-"

and also, i went in the male's toilet because of the blurness. ahem.

worth it?

she's a great friend. sometimes mad, but sometimes quite okay :) haha.

my cam-whore kaki. always ready for a picture, always aware that a camera is around :)

the one that planned the super surprise party with sabrina :) thank you so very much!

love love love you ;)

and, a very happy birthday to you (:
we shall have fun in bangkok. this, i promise you :)

we're going to bangkok in 7 days!
Happy Birthday Cliffton Goh Chuan Ming! ;)

Just wish you weren't so far away.

mmm is that chocolate i see?