Tuesday, December 29, 2009



I only ordered the one in black. If I love the one in black, I'll order the LEOPARD one ;P Call me crazy but I don't normally shop ohkay! (for shoes at least... :P )

Ainee, if you're reading this.. I can't wait tauuuu!


Monday, December 28, 2009



everything is from Miss OCD except sandals (online), chain (uk), watch (vintage), high waisted shorts (online

I just got back from SASA and I bought a MADLOAD of stuff with MADLOAD of freebies :) They gave me a SASA exclusive PINK hard cover notebook that cannot be brought out of MALAYSIA due to copyright issues in HK.. O.O, ONE box of hydrating mask & ONE box of softening milk mask (3 pieces in each box..) and THREE tube's of eye cream.. OMG I LOVE SASA!

Haha, but of course.. I bought a lot of stuff too -.- I bought whitening day cream, whitening night cream, hydrating cleanser, whitening serum and 1 packet of eye mask (4pieces inside)

Why so many whitening stuff? Cause I'm pigmenting and in need of WHITENING stuff. I actually went to SASA a month plus ago and the girl told me my face is dry so I've bee hydrating myself with OXYGEN clenser, toner, moisturiser and mask. Everything is OXYFIED already. I've been religiously putting it on for almost 2 months and they are about to finish.. Now need to WHITEN :D

Soooooo, back to the point of this post:

BUY 5, get 6 stuff FREE.
Ok what!

Actually I could have gotten more stuff because my SASA PINK card has enough chops to redeem, but they do not have any presents to give me.. So I got to redeem them when they have it.. (1 chop = RM80 okay..) *gulps* I'm on my 2nd card already.. and 1 card has like.. around 10 chops? or was it 8? I don't want to count!

Soooooo, buy more, get more free stuff HAHAHA..

*self comforting*


Sunday, December 27, 2009

A new chapter

A new chapter.

Christmas is over.

2009 will be over in a few days...

I have been feeling down these couple of days, Each day seem heavier than the one before. In contrast to what I am feeling, I've been sleeping tremendously well.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor 12:9

God gives enough grace for whatever we face.


just another day...

just another day...

Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I've been getting a lot of cookies and cakes this year.. I am content :) Highlights? I turned a year older but I think I am in a stage of denial -____-

girl friends to countdown with

whats a birthday without this? mmmmss :)

I did not sleep until 7am cause I had a massive headache where my head was throbbing like someone was drilling in my head O.O I literally could feel my heart beat in my head. Mad. Thank goodness it was still my birthday the next day so I chilled the whole day and had a nice dinner. I got home after that and dropped DEAD.

Maddest 32 hours of my life. I am OLD and I'm feeling it. Staying awake till 7am never used to be that hard!

Next day was Christmas!

blue silk dress from miss ocd
velvet blue heels from vincci
(its been 2 years since i wore this shoes omg!)
silver pretzel necklace from miss ocd
zibby awesome bag from miss ocd

i heart the bag!

too bad its sold out already..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

boxing day 24.7

i have a new little project: it's BOXING DAY is everyday! as much as i love to sell them at a more expensive price.. the clothes have got to go! although i'm not making money, but hey.. at least i'm reducing my loss.. :) it's an idea i had a few days ago and decided to execute it.. i know my prices have been pretty steep since october.. but it's because they are imported.. thus they are more expensive because they are shipped in.. and i don't like announcing on the blog that it's imported because i feel its unnecessary.. don't ask me why i feel so.. i just do.. :) so here's a BOXING DAY site! ;) everything is rm25 and below except for "only for today" items :D go crazy people! :D *stocks are running very low now thank you to all!* :D Oh! and international buyers are super welcomed!

did you guys read xiaxue's blog? if no, go read! she wrote on her love fairytale with mike.. a very "awwwww" story ;) check out the proposal video also.. :D i've always liked reading her blog. no, i don't think she's bimbo and no, i don't think her pink chioness is annoying. and i don't care that her nose has surgery. at least she owns up to it not like some other bloggers. haha :D:D:D and i alwayssss wanted to email her as a fan girl but i never got the guts. plus if i do, she prolly think i'm trying to sell her clothes -.- but anyway, i like the way she blogs. its so real. i like the fact that she doesn't gives two hoots of what other people think and it's not exactly easy when she has a gazillion comments. she also is not afraid to scold people haha.. and also her straight forward opinions.. SALUTE! :) but basically i like the way she blogs. i find it very entertaining to read! :D

anywayssssssss.. the end of the year is coming.. and i feel sad. i feel sad that the government is so silly. they are raising the prices of flour, blablabla and they're going to add GST next year onwards. what more, companies are retrenching and NOT giving OT.. DELL alone retrenched 800 people this week. depressing like nuts. migrating rates are skyrocketing and people are fleeing from malaysia. and who can blame them!? how to survive when your pay is decreasing and everything else out there is increasing. doesn't make sense at all! i am so angry.. :V that is why i registered to vote already.. have you? (ok please, i'm not politician but as a citizen we have to speak up!) think about it.. :D

anyway, i have some outfit photos to share :D:D:D

lol, the hat is just for fun. it was in my mom's car and i jz took it randomly :D

jacket from korea
tee from hometoomuch.com
shoes from online
skinnies from sg wang
bag from uk
pink studded belt from old blossom
watch from darren
studded bracelet from online


I'm turning 22 soon.. I'm enjoying my last few days of being 21.. I just wish my friends weren't so busy with work and exams now.. cause i'm home everyday trying to enjoy the best of my last remaining hours :((

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i am back!
Cameron Highlands was great! except that it was freezing cold at night and i only had a maxx 3 hour sleep every night O.O

hiked up in this! imagine O.O


Friday, December 11, 2009

merry go round

homeless cardigan
YES, you heard me right :) I found this homeless looking cardigan and instantly i thought "oh wow! uber genius!" Seriously, cardigans are not my scene. Yes, I know. Doesn't sound right but it is. (Please put aside my Miss OCD blog that sells cardigans, because I have to supply to a wide range of customers.. and not everyone is me) So... What about cardigans? They look really proper and in place to me that I try to avoid wearing them. I favor bomber jackets and blazers. But THIS find today was a surprise! I managed to find a homeless looking cardigan that is so amazingly edgy (I know, right! Who knew cardigans are edgy? O.O) So I had this eureka moment.. And and and, I bought 11 colors for Miss OCD :) Wahahaha. There's black, white, grey, dark blue, orange, red, oh my I don't even remember! :P

After coming home, I got dressed and headed to IOI for a movie. Did you know, IOI has a NEW WING and the cinema is really new and big? Uh huh! :D I watched the storm warrior and it was so boring I could die -.- I felt so whatever after that, so we headed straight home..

after taking this pica, I spotted a merry go round! And i just had to take a picture in front of it.. ;)

homeless cardigan (purple) - upcoming in Miss OCD
leopard thingy - upcoming in Miss OCD
acid washed jeans - Miss OCD
gladiator wedges - online
bag - uk
necklace - forgot
accessories - various

:) look forward to the leopard thingy and the homeless cardigan okays?

And here are some pictures I took because I was bored in the car :) All are featuring the homeless cardigan which I love love love!

I LOVE how the neckline is so WRONG (looks like its been washed a 100000 times) and that it doesn't look proper but it looks so damn right to me :) The material is soft cotton and purposely sheer.. AND the last factor to love is that it is SUPPOSED to look crumpled, so you can just dump it in your bag without feeling that it looks CRUMPLED because it's meant to look like that! :D

I was thinking.. My next look for this cardigan is gonna be paired with RIPPED shorts or RIPPED leggings!

Weeheehee :D

Updates will be on thursday or friday next week because I'll be heading to Cameron Highlands for a camp! ;) I'll try to take pictures tomorrow and power edit them so i can upload the sneak previews on saturday itself :) Time for some superwoman action tmr! Hiyak!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I got back a few mins ago from driving to malacca (back and forth) i feel so hungover and stoned O.O lol, no i did not go to malacca for the sake of food (altho I LOVE the food there..) but i went for a little visit to MMU, Melaka ;) Some of you may not know but I was from MMU Melaka and transferred to the Cyberjaya branch to further my degree after completing my Alpha (Foundation) :) If you don't know, now you know.. Hehe :) I attended a Christmas play which was super packed that it was so hot and stuffy I almost fainted -.-

No outfit pictures because I did not look that nice that day haha. I wanted to wear this flats which I bought but they bite my back ankles so I wore flip flops! Lucky thing I have em' in my car -.-

but I do have 2 sunday outfit pictures which I will share ;)

at my church's parking lot ;P

draped purple oversized top from miss ocd
satin panel skirt from miss ocd
heels from kiss and tell
ruffle clutch from old blossom
accessories from all over
necklace from i forgot where :)

after church, darren brought me to the curve :) watched stephen chow's movie - jump which was super hilarious! and mostly we bum around in borders. yes, thats what we both like to do.. go to borders, grab a book and read till they close. haha, i know it sounds so nerdy but that's how we usually spend time when they have a borders somewhere.. damn cheapo i know but who cares? they even have chairs inside for u to sit and READ :P

with curve's Christmas deco :)

dress from miss ocd
gladiators sandal from online
bag from uk

i still am lovin' my red lipstick. its not too red like BRIGHT chinese new year red but its a deeeeeep red which i likeeee :)

oh! btw, updates are due later at 7pm! drop by if you have time.. here are MORE sneaky peeks :)

much love,

Saturday, December 5, 2009

today i visited my FOURTH warehouse sale ;P

I didn't buy anything tho.. it was too crowded O.O

click to enlarge

i dunno why i look so tiny here -.-
i'm wearing headband! for those who know me presonally.. u all know i dont wear headbands -.- but these was too awesome to resist. and they aren't too tight nor too loose.. perfect!

excuse the lips.. i just bought lip sticks yesterday :D

bling bling ones ;) this one comes with 2 elastic bands and made of top notch rubber and felt material and blingers too! ;) perfect for dinners or edgy outfits..

studded head! ;P

fascinator ;)

this one can be used as a brooch or a headband.. it has a pin and a headpin beneath ;)

email me for any enquiries.

im going out for dinner now :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

what i bought

i am back from THREE warehouses.. yes only THREE =.= i left my house at 4 in the evening so it was even a miracle to even go to TWO! ;P

haha see what i did with polyvore ;Pi polyvore-d my outfit..

outfit ;)

green long tank from banana republic
blayzo from miss ocd
holey moley leggings from miss ocd
necklace from i forgot where :P
oxfords from pumpkin
watch from darren
apartment ring from ring apartment
studded bracelet from online
sequinned bracelet was a free gift from online purchase
vintage bad from acouplesbird

its been a while since i HAD a watch. thanks to darren for the watch ;P he passed it down to me cause his dad got him a new one.. its loose but i like it :D

1st place: Kelana Jaya (somewhere near MAS)

guess what is in my hands? ;P


this! the perfume was my 1st purchase :D

ori price: rm229
bought at: rm120

i'm so happy! i don't normally go for this smell (a little fruity..) but i liked it! this was bought at kelana jaya.. my mom and i got so turned off by the people there. why? did u know they DID NOT LET us bring in out handbags? normally they will just seal yr handbag with a plastic right? THIS place did not let us bring it in.. they had the tagging system where we had to leave our bags with them and they will give us a number. my mother made so much noise but they just kept saying "sorry but we have to.." damn stupid okay. what if something went missing? and my mother was so pissed that she didn't buy a single thing O.O


2nd place: Glenmarie

They had a cosmetic warehouse and if i am not mistaken, this was their 1st day and most of the items were already gone! This time, they actually just sealed our bags with a plastic bag and my mom was so happy -.- seriously. and she bought so many things hahaha..

if you're wondering what is this, this is a REFILL for your pressed powder. SUPER cheap but it is also super good. texture is SOFT and SMOOTH. 1 pack = rm2 only. super cheap! These ones are actually for anti aging and they are very smooth because the powder is extremely fine. this is to cover your fine lines and wrinkles :) if you bought it with the casing it will be rm25. lol. so my mom bought 5! see what happens when u don't take a woman's handbag? you get PLENTY of sales! ;P

blush mixed with bronzer (revlon): rm20
red nail polish (revlon) : rm10

made in usa

lip liner (stage): rm25
lipstick (stage): rm25
nail polish (stage): rm10

i personally never saw this brand before but it is made in germany and they smell really good :)

there were stuff there selling at rm2 only! imagine.. but most of them (practically all) were GONE! -.-


3rd place: stadium shah alam (the mini one) metrojaya warehouse sale

the place was crazy! they had everything! from bed sheet, to shoes.. handbags, crystal plates.. everything!

i bought myself 4 pierre cardin bra set. the bra set comes with matching undies. i loike! :D

2 pair of bra set for rm36 only


kanebo lipstick for rm8 only

mad cheap! seriously! tmr i hope to go to hotel armada for their clothing warehouse! wheeeee~