Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hello all ;)

I've been sick since Sunday. I blame it on the weather mostly :( MMU had their convocation last weekend and it was super hot! Instead of going for all 3 days, I went only on Saturday and Monday.. Else I would have been more fried :(

But I had quite a weekend!

Saturday night, GREENROOM! Thank you to dearest ALAN for the VIP tics :)

I told myself no red lips this time haha. Cause I'm pretty bored with the whole red lip thing.. So I used pink instead :)

How to get this look? Very easy only..
(I am not the kind of person who takes hours and hours to make up by the way. So when I say EASY, I mean REALLY easy :))

1) Foundation
2) Geo lens
3) Dolly fake lashes
(depends how dolly you wanna look. The thicker, the dolly-er :))
4) Liquid eye liner (I only lined the top..)
5) Pink lipstick
6) Some blush :)


Foundation: I think I am using L'oreal :) Some anti wrinkle ones. WAIT before you go "HUH?" Hear me out.... I know I am only 22 but this foundation was recommended by the lady at the counter and she says that I can use it hohoho. The reason why it is anti wrinkle is because the powder is really fine.. So your skin will look yummy smooth! So any age can use it.. BUT if you want to use this, make sure you DOUBLE CLEANSE your face after wards. This is because the powder is very fine so you NEED to clean your face properly else you will get clogged pores. I think it is L'oreal because I bought this in boxes (refill type) and not the normal cosmetic cases.. I got this from a warehouse sale last year for only RM2! HAHA so cheap right? It was soooo cheap because it is just the powder alone without any casing! And it was a warehouse sale.. So, yeah... I still keep it in the cardboard box and the box has no brand.. So i THINK it is L'oreal :D It was a major bargain.. My mom bought 10! So 10 boxes + RM2 = RM20! Woah*

Blush: Adeline's. I forgot to bring mine :D

Geo lens (Violet color): from online

Dolly fake lashes: from The Curve weekend market

Pink lipstick: Rimmel London

Liquid eyeliner: SASA (Heavy Rotation) Very recommended!

***Oh! I also used a normal liner to line my eye brows as I have very thin brows.. If you have thin brows like me, use the eye brow brush and some liner.. You'll be amazed! The liner I use is JORDANA only rm9.90!***

My make up is usually very simple and only takes 10-15 minutes..


OK back to GREENROOM..

The night was super fun! The highlight for me was when LAPSAP started to play! OMG! I personally am not a feng-tao kind of person so naturally I am not a techno-ish, electro-ish kind of girl.. I usually prefer RNB but when I 1st heard LAPSAP (years ago..) I LOVEEEEE them! LAPSAP is just.. :D! So since then I am all "let's wear flats and jump kind of person.." Heh. BUTTT I still like RNB :)

Oh well. Enough babbling already. Here are some pictures..

view from VIP area

the crowd at 10+


with Eric from

The camera necklace is sold at Miss OCD at RM39! :) Email me!

with Adeline


we had lots of Heineken that night...





My outfit
Gilet: Miss OCD
Puffy Tulle skirt: Miss OCD
Inner black tank top: Miss OCD
Watch: Darren's
Sling leather bag: Mossimo Dutti
Shoes (you can't see them here: Adeline's

***My flats snapped so I had to borrow Adeline's wedges..***

Oh well.

:))) It's no wonder I am sick.. I've been running around like a mad woman (and jumping too..) Time to recuperate and sleep...


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