Tuesday, July 21, 2009

yayness bananas

yayness bananas
yeay! i'm so happy because so many people commented and dropped by! hehe i feel so thick skin all of a sudden : asking ppl to leave comments to motivate me? not exactly what i normally do haha.. thank you to alllllll for layan-ing my ... whatever you call it -___-" let's start of with outfit pictures! :D

OH! and also, I'm very very very proud of myself today :D WHY? Go to Miss OCD and you'll see why! Hehehe the little pictures on the left which was previosly cacat looking looks so much more better now! I think I'm doing great for a marketing multimedia graduate :D

oh before that, I've been online shopping like crazy last week -.- bought 2 stuffs from velvet-ribbon, and clothesbucket just got back from UK. WHY?! I love stuffs from UK. The quality is so much better.. ahhhh cannot tahan. Spent rm200+ just in a few days. -.-"
My hair is so long already.. and it's so Grrrrrr.. If it doesn't get blowed dry it'll just be flat and boring -.-
V neck top from i forgot where
peplum checked skirt from velvet-ribbon
heels from bangkok
big hobo bag from clothesbucket
bracelets from uk

super playsuit from miss ocd
red bag from old blossom box
studded wrap around sandals from shoplifters
fedora from flea market

i bought this bag from Jezmine so long ago and I finally whopped it out and I forgot I even bought it! OMG -.-

My studded wrap around sandal from shoplifters! Heh. Only my second time wearing it -.-

Things to do this week: I need to go to Cyberjaya to deliver Ann Na's shoes, top and a whole bag of clothes to Sue Jane :/ I was clearing my cupboard the other day and I've got so many small clothes that I bought last time.. and some still even with their price tags attached.. some i bought for CNY and never wore it.. And some I only wore ONCE for a few hours.. what the... -.- So I decided to give them to Sue Jane! Cause she's so petite -.- More than half the bag was online stuff I bough before Miss OCD existed.. And the bag is really huge.. She's so lucky kan..? Hahaha.. I'm so lazy to sell them off.. If only I could open my home and ask people to come and jz grab them or rm10 a piece. I'd be FILTHY RICH! Wooooot!

this is the big bag to sue jane.. Not sure if she'll be shocked. Cause I told her I'm giving her "some" clothes :D If you look closely, its slightly taller than the chair seat :D

edit: The bag up there is to be shared by jane and ann na haha.. look what i kena after i posted this :P

sorry if the image is small :/ dunno why you guys can't click to enlarge the photo.. I need Sue Jane to help me do coding.. Where's sue jane?! :P

LOL I'm sorry ann na! Jane is so small don't know she can wear my baju's or not.. So you tqo bersharing-sharing kay? I still love u don't worry :D

Should I open a blog selling my band new clothes? Hmmm. Tell me what you think ok? :D


Kaelynn said...

DUH!!!! OPEN 2-nd HAND SHOP!!!!!! think sumore for what!!! hahahahha :p

Darren Sin said...


TenderBlush said...

yes lauuuuuuuuuuuuuraaa! but most prob i cant fit em in! soooo.. takpe... but u shld u knw! hhaha